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Why video is the perfect partner for your podcast

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Aren’t podcasts brilliant? You get to listen to whoever you want, whenever you want. Fantastic! People talking about stuff, you know, you like and that. Like watching TV, or a video, but without the pictures. Aren’t videos brilliant? Sort of like, listening to a podcast but with pictures.

Hang on a minute. It looks like we could be on to something here. Think about it, how many times do you listen to a podcast that has a video with it? Or how often do you record a podcast but never, ever, film it at the same time? Listening and watching at the same time – whoah!  

Brace yourselves, because we’re about to tell you why should film your podcasts, and how easy it can be when <whispers> you choose LikeMind Media to help you. 

What is a video podcast? 

Let’s start off how we mean to go on, nice and simple. We’re not going to overload you with technical jargon about microphones, editing software, camera exposures and so on – we’ve got all that covered, more of which you’ll discover a bit later on. 

You will/should already know by now that podcasts are proving more and more popular. Since they started 20-odd years ago, there are now more than 464 million podcast listeners worldwide. And, according to backlinko.com, those numbers are set to top 500 million in 2024. There’s more: 

  • 71% of the UK population claim to be podcast listeners 
  • The average listener spends seven hours a week tuned into their podcast app of choice 
  • Episodes between 20-40 minutes work best 
  • Most podcast episodes are enjoyed on mobile devices 
  • Video podcasts are increasing in popularity 

Ooh, see that last one there? Sneaky! 

So, how does a video podcast differ? It’s pretty self-explanatory really. A video podcast takes the traditional audio version and adds a video element, which can be as basic as you like, or can afford; or you can throw all the bells and whistles at your disposal into it. 

What’s key here is that, by adding video to a podcast, you are enhancing the experience for your audience, giving them the opportunity to visually engage with your content. 

How easy is it to make a video podcast? 

Traditional podcasts can be, and often are, recorded anywhere. As long as you’ve got your microphone and a hosting platform, you can do it in the downstairs loo. We wouldn’t recommend that because, well, you know. But you get the gist. 

To set up your video podcast, you need to be a bit sharper when it comes to thinking ‘where’. Sure, you could do it in your bedroom, but do you really want to open up that level of scrutiny – “Eeeew, is that a pair of Y-fronts I can see hanging over the radiator?” 

It’s basic thinking, right? Most of us have taken part in Zoom meetings, we should know what and how much we’re prepared to expose about our lives beyond the lens. Unless, of course, your podcast themes are targeted directly towards Y-fronts lovers, in which case, as you were. 

No, your recording space is important. It’s got to look neat, tidy, presentable and professional. The backdrop must speak volumes in itself. Think Joe Rogan Experience, not Joe Bloggs. 

And you need a camera. A good one. It’s got to be pukka, otherwise you’re kidding not only yourselves but your audience too. Oh, and video recording/editing software, too, you’ll need some of that. If you want to know what the best for 2024 is, take a peek at this list on cyberlink.com 

When you’re set up and ready to go, hit record and then publish! 

What are the benefits of a video podcast? 

Download our Starting a Podcast: The Essentials FREE Guide – turn your podcasting dream into a reality!

And now we get to the real nitty-gritty. This all sounds like it’s not too far out of your reach, one way or another, correct? Good. But how is it going to help you? What are the benefits for your content or business? Let’s go for it. 

Get in on the act: Video podcasts are becoming increasingly popular and, with more than 420 million podcast listeners worldwide, compare that to YouTube, a platform with 2.1 billion users. Clearly, people want videos, which presents you with a huge opportunity for audience growth. 

Get engaged: As mentioned earlier, adding a visual element to your podcast will immediately make it more personal and, in turn, more engaging. We all love to look at faces, and how we interact with each other – watching people play off each other can be a lot of fun. Also consider this: According to riverside.fm, 60% of surveyed companies reported that better audience connection was the highest impact benefit that video brings to a podcasting strategy. 

Get repurposing: One video episode provides you with endless possibilities to use that content again and again in a variety of different ways. Think blog posts, or graphics, or anything that will appeal to different platforms – a ‘best of’ clip for TikTok, for example. 

Get noticed: Video content to a search engine is like a squeaky toy to a dog – they just can’t get enough of it. So, if you get your SEO on the button – don’t forget the keywords and descriptions – it’s going to massively help your video appeal to search engines and push it towards the top of the search results, which is exactly where you want to be.  

Get ahead of the game: Video podcasts still lag behind traditional podcasts, which is to be expected. But as we’ve said, they’re only getting more and more popular, so this is your opportunity to stand out from the rest and show how you’re doing something different – especially if your competitors aren’t doing it. 

Get it on social: There’s a real opportunity here, because social media is optimised for video, not for audio. By default, the audio is muted on every video post, so what good is that if you’re trying to market your audio-only show? The answer is to have an all-singing, all-dancing video podcast, because it will open so many more doors. Remember we mentioned repurposing? There you go. 

Get glammed up: If you’ve ever dreamed of feeling like a movie star, this is your chance. Hosting your own podcast is one thing, but putting yourself in front of a camera and videoing your podcast is another thing entirely. You’re essentially saying: “Here I am, in the flesh, and this is what I’ve got for you”. Your audience will love you even more for it. Plus, think about the guests who will be clamouring to appear with you. Again, doors opened. 

Get down with the YouTube kids: Wait, what? Look, YouTube is the second biggest search engine IN THE WORLD, so why wouldn’t you want a piece of that action? Publishing your video podcast on YT will widen your exposure even more, and potentially grow your audience reach into new levels you’ve only dared to dream about. 

The elephant in the room 

No, you won’t need, or be able to fit, for that matter, an elephant into a recording studio. But why would you need to? What we mean is, we know you’re asking yourself right now “This all sounds fine and dandy but how much will it cost?” 

Enter LikeMind Media. We have our very own recording space, lovingly called Grandma’s Studio, and our rates really are very competitive. Just look for yourself if you don’t believe us: Grandma’s Studio. You’ll also see that we’re no strangers to recording both audio and video, so you’ll be in the safest of hands. 

Get started on your video podcast today 

Our studio is a versatile recording space, can accommodate multiple people and cameras and looks ace. The set can be customised for your branding, with changes in lighting, backgrounds and featuring your logo on the screen. And if you’re not comfortable using all the equipment, we can provide a producer, too. 

Anything and everything you need, we can help you with. The rest, as they say, is up to you. This is your gig, you’re the star of the show, and you call the shots. The worst you could do is not give it a go – what do you have to lose? 

Get in touch with us today right here. We can discuss your video podcast needs, and then let the cameras roll.

Download our Starting a Podcast: The Essentials FREE Guide – turn your podcasting dream into a reality! 

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