The LikeMind Media Method

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We specialise in using content marketing to generate leads, but we’re also so much more.  

The LikeMind Media Method

The way we work is what makes us that little bit different. We’ve developed a tried-and-tested method of marketing strategy creation that generates results for our clients. It’s called the LikeMind Media Method.  

We take our marketing knowledge and your business insight and mix it together with good helping of technology to achieve your business goals. Specifically designed to generate leads, the LikeMind Media Method uses core marketing principles and creative design to drive results through a carefully constructed plan. 


We’re strategists and planners at heart, but don’t mistake that for lack of flexibility. Constant evolution and agility mean our clients’ content is always up to date with the latest trends. We know this because we never stop researching.  

Throughout our time with our clients, we consistently use research to support every creative decision we make, ensuring it will achieve the right results. This keeps our work fresh and focused. 


Our clients love to see new content on their websites and on their social media feeds – there’s not much we can’t create. From audio to video to written copy, we can produce the materials you need to drive new customers to your business.  

Each piece of content is planned using research, so we’re always creating what your audience wants to see.  


What use would content be if no one ever got to see it?!  

Step 3 of the LikeMind Media Method is getting your business in front of your target audience by promoting the content we’ve created. Through research, we’ll know exactly where your potential customers hang out and we’ll take your business to them through social media, email, PR and more.  


Many customers need to be nurtured before making a purchase, especially in a business-to-business environment. Using technology, we’ll identify website visitors and nurture them throughout the buying journey with relevant content, email marketing, social media engagement and more.  


We report so you know what’s going on and the impact it’s having. As well as sharing our thoughts and insights throughout the process, our clients have access to online portals to see and track activities in real-time. 

We’re always working closely with our clients so they never feel out of the loop. That’s a partnership. 

An important feature of the LikeMind Media Method is that it isn’t linear, there are often multiple stages happening simultaneously to give our clients maximum value and to achieve the best results.  

Ways to work with us

The most common way we work with clients is with an ongoing retainer: a rolling monthly contract. This allows us to develop strong relationships with our clients, becoming their external marketing team and adding long-term value.  

Retainers don’t work for everyone, though, which is why we offer other ways of working. If you’d prefer a short-term project or something more bespoke, just let us know.

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