16 Jun 2017 Social media

What does ‘Trending’ mean?


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Turn back thirty years and trending simply meant undergoing a rapid increase in public interest or attention. Now, with the existence of Social Media ‘trending’ means a lot more than just that. Social Networks have created a whole new platform in which these trending topics can be talked about.

What is it?

A trending topic is often something that is hot news/conversation within the general public. Something that everyone is talking about, and everyone is sharing their views on.

It is most likely you will have heard the phrase ‘trending’ through Twitter, as this is where it predominantly is used. Twitter even has a section on its ‘Explore’ page that displays ‘Trends for you.’ These are a combination of the most popular words/phrases but also what Twitter thinks you will have interest in. On Twitter, a lot of these will include hashtags, as that is one way that Twitter users create conversation around the same topic. (Keep posted for our blog on Hashtags!)

When the word/phrase/hashtag has been used multiple times it then becomes a Trending Topic. Simple right? Quite often trending topics will occur after a major event, for example Brexit or Trump becoming the new President or even that One Direction have split up, but they may also be as simple as #rain on a miserable day.

So, why is it important for you and your business?

Well, besides giving you a really quick and easy way to see what’s going on in the world, it also allows you to see what your customers are talking about.

The most important thing with social today is that businesses are reactive. Whether that is to news stories, the latest trends or newest updates. Businesses have to show that they are ‘in the moment’ and not releasing content that has been scheduled weeks in advance with little meaning to what is going on at that time, on that day.

Following trending topics gives you a personal voice on social, allowing more of a connection between your customer and your brand. That’s not to say you should post your controversial opinions on the General Election but that you should be aware of what is being talked about, and when necessary, join in with the conversation!

A lot of brands get involved with trending hashtags even if the topic doesn’t directly link with their brand. That’s because hashtags are great for reaching a large audience and you can simply put your brand name out there and get some recognition! (Very clever and *free* marketing!)

In need of some inspiration? Take a look a these companies getting involved with trending hashtags on Twitter in the best way!


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