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5 Billion videos watched on YouTube every day

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Video is the easiest form of content to consume for most people

We live in a noisy world where users self-select the content they want to consume from the choices an algorithm gives them. Video offers the user an easy way to absorb information. We all carry a video recording studio in the palm of our hand, but do you know the best way to use it? We can assist with video strategy, planning, filming and post-production so your business stands out in the newsfeed and drives traffic to your business.

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How Do We Help People With Video?


We can help you understand the benefits of including video as part of your marketing strategy and guide you through the process of creating video content.

You probably have lots to do in your business without adding to your workload. Any strategy will focus on what will resonate with your audience but also what’s achievable for you as a business given your resources and time.

Filming and Post-Production

We specialise in creating video for online broadcast. That means we’re not going to suggest green screen CGI with a Hollywood budget. Instead, we will discuss with you how we can help you articulate why your customers should work with you and create video that delivers people to your door.

Our content creators will film to the agreed brief and then edit video in post-production to make it look polished and professional, keeping it personal without it looking too corporate and over-produced. You’ll be involved every step of the way in the process so that you’re happy with the final results.


It’s true that livestream content does have a certain priority in various platforms’ newsfeed algorithms. But a poorly executed live broadcast makes people switch off, or worse, unfollow future content. There is a structure that works and tools which can help viewers stay watching.

We have all the kit to help you livestream from your business or even an event. If you don’t fancy being on camera yourself, our team of trained broadcasters can even front the livestream for you, acting as presenter, interviewer and facilitator.

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What our clients think of us

We were filming our YouTube series on our phones and this worked well. When we worked with the team at LikeMind Media the quality went up a notch. They totally get what we’re trying to do and are great to work with.

Paul Chapman. The Strategy Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is important to have video as part of our marketing strategy?

Today, much marketing content is consumed via a mobile device. There is so much content that brands are competing against other brands as well as update from friends and family for attention. Video is an easy format for people to consume and key information can be articulated quickly – something your business needs.

What equipment do you need to create video?

You can create decent video with a smartphone. They pretty much all record in HD. Depending on where you’re creating video, you may benefit from a microphone and some lighting but this can be really cost-effective. Generally speaking, the more you spend, the better quality video you’ll be able to produce.

What type of videos work best?

That depends on your audience. We would argue that it’s worth researching what they want. If they are looking for answers to questions, the explanation videos or How-To guides build trust with your business and can lead to returning views.

What’s the difference between video for Facebook and YouTube?

These days, not much. Both platforms want to get eyeballs on their platform. Facebook are making it easy to reach people, particularly if you are able to spend money on promoting video. But YouTube is still the go to place for video, especially video of over a couple of minutes.

What metrics should I be looking at to see if the video is working?

All sorts, but it’s worth exercising some caution in interpreting what you’re actually seeing. Video views and impressions can mean different things depending on the platform. Just because someone was served a video, it doesn’t mean that they watched it. Percentages of video viewed or audience retention are good metrics to keep tabs on to show you how interested the audience is in the content.

Do I need to live stream?

Not especially. Live streaming has some benefits from the immediacy and the interaction that it allows between a business and its customers. However, these days there are premieres and Facebook Watch parties that allow you to interact with a pre-recorded video. People feel pressure to be on camera – whilst it’s great to show the face of the business, there are other methods that can be used to build a loyal following.

Can I generate leads from video?

Of course! Think about TV channels like QVC and how they do it! It’s not popular to say that you can sell on video. It’s true that customers don’t want a hard sell, so offering videos that contain value and the audience is going to enjoy is the best way to build that trust. But, in the end, you do have to ask for the sale – there are techniques that can be used to sell on video.

I don’t want to appear in front of the camera so how else can I create videos that perform well?

Animation is a popular method. Narration from behind the camera can also be used – everyone trusts David Attenborough!

I’ve always loved videos and have my own YouTube channel myself. I know the platforms inside and out and love creating video content that’s great for the web. More than anything, developing an online persona through video allows a company to make a connection with its customers. All the tips and tricks that YouTubers use are totally suitable for business and I love seeing a customer take the plunge and be the face of their brand.

Helina Turbel

Content Creator

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