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Video marketing is a must for the manufacturing industry. Here’s why.

The manufacturing industry is an ever-evolving sector. With new advancements, approaches and product developments, your manufacturing business needs to be able to adapt and take advantage of all the tools at your disposal. This is where video comes in. Video is a fantastic method to showcase the latest products and services your business has to offer. Embracing video can provide opportunities, such as awareness, to help you reach new audiences, generate leads, increase your online engagement and differentiate your business from your competitors.   

The stats speak for themselves, people are watching more video online than ever before. The average time of online videos being consumed in 19 hours which has increased by almost 50% in comparison to 2018. However, you may be asking “What has this got to do with me, why is video marketing a must?” 

There are many different ways you can use video, from small explainer videos on your website, to showing an FAQ on YouTube. With more popular platforms introducing and developing video features, video-only channels, and the growth of social advertisement, this is the right time to step into the world of video with your manufacturing business. But don’t worry, you don’t have to do it all. With the right guidance, you will be able to find the best video strategy that works for you, and implement it into your marketing strategy. 

What is video marketing? 

Video marketing is using the medium of video to market your products or services. According to Take Note, 68% of UK adults watch online videos daily, with an average of 5 videos being watched online every day. That means there is a large audience out there waiting for more videos to watch. So, whether your aim is to sell your products or create informative how-tos, video is a great choice for your manufacturing business.  

You can see an example of a how-to video by our client Camloc, demonstrating how to remove a gas spring with a steel point end.  

Why your manufacturing business needs video 

Video can generate leads and sales 

Embracing video can enable you to showcase yourself to your consumers and your wider industry as a modern and knowledgeable business, with a clear perception of consumer preferences and trends.  

The Wyzowl 2022 State of Video Marketing report outlines that 87% of marketers say video has helped them increase traffic, with 94% of marketers saying video has helped them increase understanding of a product or services. Video is also a great tool for leads, as your audiences can access informative content quickly and efficiently, leading them straight through your sales funnel.  

Video can help you reach new audiences 

Video is on trend, which leads to higher audiences and higher engagement. It allows you to showcase the face behind the brand and develop a strong connection between you and your consumers.   

Not only can your audience read about your business, they can now also see and hear you. This also creates a sense of familiarisation, allowing the potential for further engagement to grow. Content along the lines of how-to videos, demonstration videos and FAQ series, are just some of a variety of strong concept approaches that can really elevate your video game. With this, your audiences are able to understand what your product does and how it works, which in turn raises the potential of gaining new customers and increasing sales.  

Video is accessible 

Video is known for its accessibility and ease. According to Impact BND, 75% of all video views come from mobile devices. Your audiences can watch on the go, on their lunch breaks, while solving a problem, on the bus, or in the comfort of their homes. Whatever the topic of your video content, your audiences can click play from anywhere. Not only is it easily accessible, but video also helps build trust and credibility, which is vitally important to any business, and we all know that trust can translate to sales. 

Video increases engagement (and growth) on social media 

There is absolutely no question about it, social media loves video and its popularity continues to grow across a variety of platforms. In June 2021, the head of Instagram Adam Mosseri declared that video is “driving an immense amount of growth online for all major platforms”. 

A Twitter post, for instance, that uses video is likely to get an increase of 10 times the amount of engagement in comparison to a regular tweet. This is exactly why implementing video in your marketing strategy can really elevate your business within the manufacturing industry. Social media video content is also perfect for generating leads as it is shareable, flexible, and great at incorporating trends. It can also be altered to fit the requirements of other platforms and is easily consumable no matter where the audience is. 

With the popularity of YouTube content and TikTok, other social media platforms have followed suit in embracing video and introducing their own features. As it stands, video content on social media is also likely to stay longer on people’s feeds. Some video content, because of the platforms’ algorithm, can also be pushed to the top of the feed, providing more opportunities to drive larger traffic to your website and increase brand awareness.  

For a manufacturing business, this is a great opportunity to tap into. This growth in demand has led to many platforms continuing to develop and introduce new video features (for example, Reels on Instagram), but also tune their algorithms to push these new features. 

Don’t know where to start with video? Check out our blog on the best video marketing tools in 2022, where we discuss a variety of different online tools you can use to give video content a go. If you don’t fancy tackling this yourself, our fantastic team of experts can help your manufacturing business take your first steps into the world of video.  

Video can boost your advertising 

Video is great for paid social. It helps with brand awareness as it can show potential consumers your business and products within a few seconds, even if they’ve never interacted with your business before. Around 78% of marketers said that utilising video had created a direct rise in sales. With the correct targeting and thought-out video content, social advertisement can bring your products and services right in front of the audiences you want to engage with.  

Video advertisement can also be an opportunity to create personable video content to showcase your products, including all their uses without aggressive connotations of ‘sale sale sale’. When someone is presented with your business for the first time, you need to build trust and rapport before they even get to considering a purchase. At LikeMind Media, we know social advertisement, and our team of experts can advise you in just the right steps when it comes to video ads for your manufacturing business. 

Examples of video content in manufacturing 

More and more manufacturing business are now leaning towards video content. Video content within this industry also includes more engineers and technical teams in front of the camera doing detailed walk-throughs and explanations of their products and services. This type of content can be informative and accompanies copy well, a great visual cue. 

Video also allows for effective explanations of often complex pieces of information or directions. Presenting information such as this through an interactive and engaging video content can be great for creating strong connections with audiences. Video is all about ease of access, engagement and shareability.  

Here are some of our favourite examples of video content used in the manufacturing industry: 

Airbus: Product demonstration

A video walk-through of Airbus’s iconic aircrafts that will act as a testbed for hydrogen combustion technology. What is also really effective is that the video is presented by the vice-president of the company. It’s engaging, informative and doesn’t feel overly scripted. 

Rio Tinto: values

Producing video content about values or important social and environmental issues that you are passionate about is a great approach. This Instagram video from Rio Tinto, a metal manufacturing business, showcases their new investment into solar energy. 

Aston Martin: Behind the scenes

With TikTok’s popularity rising, we see more and more businesses entering the playing field and taking advantage of short-form video content. If you have a new product, service, business expansion or way of working to showcase, then TikTok is a great platform to make use of. This TikTok video from Aston Martin introduces their new factory space in a fun and interactive way. Another great example of video content on the platform from Aston Martin is their TikTok video about logistics for F1.  

@astonmartinf1 Who’s ready to take a tour of our new factory? *Not actual size* #IAM #WhereAllFansPlay ♬ Originalton – slowed_videos1

Camloc Motion Control: Behind the scenes

Showing the people behind the business is important, as well as having fun with video content. This ‘Will it fly? (Watermelon Edition)’ video from our client Camloc is a great example of that.  

Camloc Motion Control: FAQ series

FAQ or how-to videos can be a great place to start with your video content. Camloc have developed an FAQ series in which company MD Matt Warne talks through different how-tos, demonstrating different approaches and showing how to use/fix/assemble.  

Whether you’re promoting your values, services, new products, business updates, expansions, ways of working or showcasing what goes on behind the scenes, video content is a great way to do it. 

Final thoughts 

With video such a popular form of consuming content these days, implementing video in your strategy can be a great step for your manufacturing business. 

Video content is in high demand across a variety of social media channels and popular content websites, so this is a great time to get started with video content and reap the rewards. 

At LikeMind Media, we understand that trying out a new tool can be daunting, especially when it is video content. This is why we have a great team of marketing experts ready to guide your manufacturing business through the exciting world of video. 

Get in touch with us and let’s talk video in manufacturing. 

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