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How to create a Twitter moment in five quick steps in 2021

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Twitter moments have been available to all users since 2016 but businesses are still not using them. This blog post will give you five quick and easy steps to creating a moment on the new Twitter dashboard, not like all those other Twitter moment blogs that are like so last year. Twitter moments allow users to stitch together a collection of tweets around the same subject. Twitter created them to make it easier to stay up-to-date with what the world is talking about, without having to follow the entire Twitter population.   

Unsure about how to get the most out of Twitter moments? This blog is for you and will look at the following topics:

  • What are Twitter moments?
  • Five quick steps
  • Why you would use moments?

What are Twitter moments? 

Twitter moments are a collection of tweets that can be grouped together on the same subject for any number of reasons. Twitter moments were first released in 2015 to Twitter and its official editorial partners, such as BuzzFeed, but were then opened up to everyone in 2016. 

Moments allows us to collect and curate Tweets to tell stories in new ways. It’s a powerful Twitter feature, continuing to help build community as we engage specific topics and events,” – DeRay Mckesson, Civil Rights Activist  

Moments are categorised into different sections:  

  • Sport 
  • Fun
  • Entertainment 
  • News 
  • Today 

Moments are available on mobile and desktop versions of Twitter, however, they can only be created on the desktop version.  You can access moments by searching for a topic or through a specific account you visit. Twitter moments help people find content with ease and helps brands and content creators get discovered for their work. 

Things you should know about Twitter Moments

  • They are simply a collection of tweets- what more can I say? A moment is collecting related tweets into the same singular moment. Simple.
  • Any public tweet can be used in your moment– You can use any tweet you want in your twitter moment, as long as it’s public.
  • Twitter moments shouldn’t be too long– Keep it short and snappy. Only include the tweets that tell the story of your moment the best.
  • The best Twitter moments contain a variety of tweets– it’s the spice of life. Vary that moment like you have never varied before.
  • Your Twitter moments can be followed– you can follow a moment to stay up to date with the latest news and tweets added.
  • You can get analytics on your moments– Calling businesses, you can see how your Twitter moment is working for you with analytics.

The five quick steps 

1) Firstly, click ‘more’ in the bottom right.

Screenshot of how to access the moments tab from the home screen.

2) Then select moments in the ‘More’ tab

Screenshot of how to find the Moments tab from the home screen.

3) Click the lightning bolt with a + next to it 

Screenshot of how to create a Twitter moment.

4) Add a title, description and cover photo. Then, include the content you wish by clicking the + next to the tweet 

Screen Recording of how to create and add tweets to a Twitter Moment

5) Finally, click publish for instant delivery or finish later to save it as a draft 

Screenshot of how to publish a Twitter moment.

There you have it. You have now created and published your first moment. WAHOO!  

Why would you use Twitter moments? 

There are several reasons you would be using a Twitter moment, including:  

  • Events – sporting, cultural, social
  • Breaking News  
  • Behind the scenes 
  • Content promotion 
  • A year in your business 
  • Answer FAQs 


Using Twitter moments of your event can be a great way to get the buzz surrounding the event into consolidated social media space. You can add tweets from your own page, what others are tweeting about your event and ultimately keep people up-to-date with the goings-on of the event, for those who couldn’t make it.  

The example we have used here is an incredible marketing event *wink wink*, called MarketEd.Lite. (You can buy the course here for just £60 👀)

Breaking news 

Another brilliant use for Twitter moments is breaking news, whether it is nationwide or specific to you and your company. You can compile tweets surrounding the emerging news story  –  whether you created the content doesn’t matter. By creating a Twitter moment, you are creating a compilation of different voices and opinions on the matters that, well, matter.  

Here’s a breaking news example from the end of May 2019 after the European elections: 

Behind the scenes 

One of the great things about social media is that you can see things you would not have seen before its introduction. Behind-the-scenes moments are a great way to give your audience that special insight into what you are up to behind closed doors. 

Take a look at TIME’s exclusive look inside the #TIME100 Gala:  

Content promotion 

Another fantastic use of Twitter moments is it being an integral part of your social media strategy.  Creating content like infographics from your company’s annual report give your audience the facts, all in one place. Does your company have a podcast? You could create a moment for each episode as a recap or simply to get reactions in one place. Positive reactions to your company could be another way to use a Twitter moment to benefit your company social media strategy. The possibilities are endless. 

This example is from SEO SAS, a podcast that is sponsored by LikeMind Media:  

A year in your business 

Using a Twitter moment as a round-up of your year is a great way to show your audience the progress your company has made during the past 12 months.  Changes in office environment, new recruits, major success stories, along with all the amazing feedback you get, can be gathered in one social space. If you are still struggling for inspiration, here are some great tips to really show off your year. 

Answer FAQs 

Using Twitter moments to answer your audience’s most frequently asked questions creates another option for your customers to get the answers they need, fast. It can also be a way to show the responses from your social media activity when helping your audience. So, there you have it, five quick and easy steps to creating a Twitter moment and all the incredible content you can create using them, whether you are collating tweets from an event, grouping together news stories, or allowing your audience to see behind the scenes of your work. Twitter moments are a great way for brands, content creators or even individuals to tell stories on Twitter. 

Final thoughts

Creating and using Twitter moments is probably one of the simplest functions that the social media giant has to offer. It is literally 5 steps and you are done. You can think of them as the ‘instagram highlights’ of Twitter. All of the incredible content that you have been creating over the last year, or however long, can be collated into one place for easy reading. Why wouldn’t you use them for your business?

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