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Start date: Autumn 2023

Location: Online

Together 2023, is our flagship coaching programme designed for business owners who conduct their own marketing and need help and support, while not breaking the bank.

Combining education and action-set learning, Together 2023 will give you the knowledge and confidence to master your marketing in the new year and beyond.

Learn new skills to improve the results you get from your marketing. Whether you're looking for increased leads, more sales or anything else, you'll get the support you need to achieve your business goals.

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"Paul was the key driver in the group being so successful – ensuring we were always challenged, held to account, and encouraged to think."

- Amanda Howard, Medichecks

There's never enough time in the day

You're doing your very best to run your business in a streamlined way: selling, producing, delivering, running the accounts - it all adds up.

Sometimes that means marketing can fall to the bottom of the list, but you know that you need to do it to keep that sales cycle going.

You're definitely not the only one who feels like this and connecting with others, in similar situations, can help. You're the best person to talk about your business and Together 2023 can give you the confidence to do so.

"One of the biggest challenges I see small businesses face with marketing is an imbalance in effort and results. Where should you spend your time? Which activities will work towards your business goals? Which channels should you use to market your business? I'm on a mission to help small businesses become more efficient, get better results and help them focus on delivering exceptional service."

If this sounds familiar, the Together 2023 group programme is designed for you.

What's included?

Designing a programme that works for you


Six 2-hour sessions

This needs to work with your schedule. The programme lasts for 4-5 months, depending on the group participants.

We'll create a schedule that works for everyone together. The next cohort will start in February, with the exact date to be decided with the participants.

Each session will be different, with Paul delivering strategy and education that covers a range of topics, tailored to the needs of the group. This will include the latest marketing techniques, and updates to platforms, allowing you to develop skills that can be applied to your business.

You'll be able to put what you've learned into practice straightaway.


Peer-led discussions

Sharing experiences and learning from each other is a great way to grow - both yourself and your business.

Peer-led discussions are be a big part of the programme, with Paul, an experienced leader, facilitating the discussions in each session.

Build and expand your business network while developing your skills and improving your marketing.


2 hot seat access sessions & regular check ins

Sometimes life is unexpected. Sometimes important tasks slip to the bottom of the list.

If a dilemma occurs and your next group session is too far away, you can use your hot seat access to discuss your concerns, pronto. This could be with Paul or another member of the LikeMind Media team, depending on who's best suited to help you with the specific need. A graphics expert for help with design, a copywriter to help with your blog - unlike most programmes, we have multiple people who can help you.

We'll also help keep you on track with regular check ins.


A shared group forum

As well as the regular group sessions, you'll get access to a shared, secure forum where you can keep in contact with your fellow Together 2023 Programme peers.

Bring your challenges to the group and work through to a satisfactory conclusion that moves your business forward.

WORTH £150

Free access to MarketEd.Live

To push your marketing knowledge even further, you'll get free access to MarketEd.Live on-demand.

Our 2022 event, Creative Climate, focused on ways in which businesses can become more creative in the content they produce - by looking at data, values, audiences and your own wellbeing.

Inspirational and practical sessions will supplement the knowledge and confidence you gain as part of the Together 2023 programme.


We know that cost is an important part of decision making, so here's what the Together 2023 Programme costs.

£1,750 +VAT

£1,000 +VAT

Together 2023 is perfect for small and medium businesses and offers great value - a worthy investment in your own skills and your business as a whole.

For a limited time, the programme is reduced to £1,000 + VAT. Join now to take advantage of this pre-registration offer.

A one-off payment

For peace of mind

If you want to pay your fee in one lump sum, you can do that.

£1,000 + VAT

Bitesize chunks

For manageable payments

We can break the fees into 3 equal payments to make it more manageable for you.

3 x £375 + VAT


Once the cohorts have been determined, the first port of call will be to have an initial meeting to introduce yourselves and get to know each other. We'll learn more about you and your peers and together, determine the areas of marketing you need the most help with.

Each session will have a focus, determined by the goals you laid out in the initial call and ongoing discussions through the programme. First, we'll start with some learning delivered by the LikeMind Media team, followed by a peer-led discussion on how the topic of the session affects your business. All discussions will be facilitated by BizPaul.

Session Topics (that frame the discussion)

  • Purpose
  • Connection
  • Growth
  • Action
  • Analysis
  • Reflection

By the end of the session, you'll have actions to carry out within your own business, that get your closer to achieving your goals and creating a marketing strategy.

Who is BizPaul?

Hi, I’m BizPaul

Also known as Paul Ince and definitely not the footballer.

I run LikeMind Media, a content marketing specialist company based in Loughborough. I also deliver strategy, training and education around the East Midlands and you might recognise me from training sessions with the Digital Growth Programme, D2N2 Growth Hub or other regional training bodies.

I believe that small businesses like you are best placed to talk about your business - you just need to tools to help you succeed. I like to think of myself as a facilitator - helping others to achieve their goals, implement plans and meet likeminded individuals.

I hate shoddy, unethical marketing and hustle culture! You don't need to be spending every waking minute working in or on your business, you just need to learn what gets the best results for the time you have.

What else would you like to know? I'm a dad, (apparently the cringiest of them all because I know how TikTok works), podcaster, the host of MarketEd.Live and a believer in positive vibes. I like to think of myself as a Marcus Wareing in the making but that's probably a bit of a stretch.


The marketing you've always dreamt of


Learn from and support each other, with regular organised sessions and a shared online forum.


Learn from specialists within the LikeMind Media team, with lessons that fits your business needs.


Together 2023 is designed to help you achieve your business goals - whatever they may be.


By the end of the programme, you'll have a marketing strategy ready to put into action.

"Paul demonstrated to me his passion and skill for helping small and medium enterprises in his area of expertise, social media and marketing."

- David Anderson, Anderson Consulting



We're running out of spaces on our upcoming cohort, so if you don't want to wait, register your interest now.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does the programme cost?

Participation in Together 2023 is currently £1,000 + VAT for the duration of the programme. You can pay this in a one-off fee or as three manageable chunks of £375.

What makes the Together 2023 programme different to other group programmes?

Together 2023 is run by the team at LikeMind Media, a content marketing company that specialises in helping small and medium businesses achieve their goals. Unlike other group coaching, Together 2023 offers action-set learning from the whole team. Whether a session is conducted by BizPaul, or another member of LikeMind Media, each one is created using the knowledge and expertise of the whole team.

We'll also curate each cohort, matching you with peers we think you'll work well with and learn a lot from.

What is peer-led coaching?

Group coaching is connecting with people outside your usual business circles to discuss challenges, learn from each other and build a network. Each group will be formed of individuals with varying knowledge and experiences.

Members of each cohort will be matched with others that we feel will work well together and be able to contribute equally to one another's success.

Who will deliver the marketing education?

Paul Ince, marketing strategist and managing director of LikeMind Media, will lead sessions on different areas of marketing strategy. While he will be the main educator, you may be occasionally joined by other members of the LikeMind Media team, to give lessons on their areas of expertise.

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