18 Jan 2021 News

Together 2021: Our new programme

With a move back into a national lockdown, 2021 has not started all that well. In a sense, it feels like Groundhog Day, with us being here before. But if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we are more resilient than we perhaps initially thought, and that coming together can be one of the most uplifting moments. This is something we have been thinking about a lot at LikeMind Media lately: How can we create a service that businesses need in 2021, at a time when it feels, well, a bit bleak? Here’s what we’ve come up with.

When I ask for feedback from our existing clients, the main response we receive relates to how we feel part of their business – like part of their team. Sometimes, we act as an outsourced marketing department, other times we offer advice and guidance on strategy and support an existing marketing team to deliver better results. But in all situations, our relationship with our clients is at the core of what we do. If we were to look at our brand values, this idea that we work together is central. Indeed, this is why I named the business LikeMind Media in the first place.

At the start of the pandemic, I made it my mission to ensure that every client received a phone call from me – not a text, or a mailshot, or a telephone call. It reminded me of the power of connection and partnership, even, dare I say, friendship, in business. Throughout 2020, my team and I have kept communication right at the top of our agenda. I know I would say this, but the team here at LikeMind Media are the most supportive group of people I have had the pleasure to work with – I want our clients to harness this for their business too.

I’m also aware that times are challenging for businesses is many sectors. Last year, we ran a piece of research to understand the challenges that marketing managers were facing. 65% of respondents said that generating traffic and leads was a challenge. 53% said proving the ROI of their marketing activities was also something keeping them awake at night. In a time when all budgets are under scrutiny, any spend needs to be justified.

Business does not need uncertainty. Our services deliver results, but I completely understand that, right now, an open-ended retainer contract doesn’t work for everyone. People want to know what’s being delivered, when and for how much.

Combining all these needs, today we launch Together 2021, a time-limited programme of services and support for businesses wanting to keep talking with their customers and target market.

We’ll work in close partnership: our experienced marketers becoming your marketing coach and implementation team together.

The programme includes:

  • An online strategy session with a consultant to plan the next six months
  • Research conducted by our team on your industry, your competitors, your audience, to see where the opportunities are
  • A documented strategy available through our online portal that can be updated by us and you
  • Implementation of the agreed strategy within the agreed limits
  • Training for your team
  • On-call support throughout the six months
  • Leadfeeder software to identify the visitors to your website and the leads we generate
  • Access to MarketEd – our marketing insights and education platform

Despite us not being able to get together in person right now, we’ve proved that this is no barrier to marketing success. Indeed, in some instances, it makes everything much more flexible and adaptive to changing circumstances.

Together 2021 is a fantastic way to get marketing support and expertise for your business without the commitment of a long contract, while ensuring your team’s skills are improved for the long term.

And that’s not all. We’re offering a flexible payment plan if that helps your budget further.

I’d love to speak with you about how we can help your business in 2021. If you’re interested, the first step is to have a discovery call with us.

All the details you need are here on our specific page. Let’s work together in 2021.

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