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What is social media marketing?

Social media is simply another channel that you can use to have a conversation with your customers. Whether that’s providing help and advice that will improve your customers’ lives or using social media for customer service, every business should be using social media to communicate.

Did you know 4.74 billion people use social media everyday?

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Our Social Media Services

How Do We Help People With Social Media?


We start by working with a client to fully understand what their business objectives are and what they are looking to achieve. It’s crucial that if we’re to represent your business online, we need to live and breathe your business as if we’re part of it.

Working with these objectives and your wider team, we’ll create a social media marketing strategy that contributes to your goals in a way that is achievable by whoever is implementing it, whether that is us or you. We use tools to create a living strategy board that evolves as your success increases, pushing to new heights each time.

Training, Coaching & Support

For us, this is a long-term relationship. We want to continue to work with you as your business progresses. We’ll teach you what we know so that we can work together. If you’re implementing social media yourself, we’re on hand to support you when you need us – just call, email, WhatsApp, text the team.

We’ll push you when you need it and feedback honestly if something’s not quite right. All done with a sense of love and with your business’ best interests at heart. It may be challenging at times, and we’ll take feedback too, but this is about partnership.

Content Creation and Implementation

We’d be delighted to take the strain from you. Our team of content creators are excellent (if we say so ourselves) at crafting messages that resonate with your audience and publish content based around the agreed strategy. Social media is not just about publishing.

Our team understands the importance of engagement and will interact with your customers on a regular basis, making that connection between them and your brand. Where we need to, we’ll escalate to your team so your customer continues to get the same level of service you expect.

Analysis & Reporting

None of this is any good if it’s not working towards those objectives we set at the outset. We’ll constantly monitor how your channels are performing and report frequently on any changes we think we should be making to the strategy.

As your social media marketing agency, we expect to be talking to you about it all the time, but we’ll guarantee a monthly report that you can take to your senior leadership team, on how your social channels are faring, and what further steps we recommend.

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What our clients think of us

I’ve increased sales of kits as a direct result of LikeMind Media’s strategy.

Kate Widdowson. Bojangle Beads

We were led at a pace that worked for us, to an understanding of how to use social media that fits with who we are, the messages we want to put across and the time we have available.

Maria Iliffe-Wood. Meridian Illife

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is social media marketing important?

Today, social media plays an important role in a business’s marketing strategy. Social media marketing helps you connect with prospects and customers, increase brand awareness and can boost both leads and sales.

Marketing through social media also helps you to build authority for your brand. You can position yourself and your business as the leader in the marketplace. Posting valuable content and getting involved with conversations, increases the opportunities to demonstrate your expertise to prospective customers.

What are the benefits of social media marketing?

With 45% of the world’s population using social media and people spending roughly 2.5 hours a day on their channel(s) of choice, it's easy to see the benefits of social media marketing. Your audience is on social media, you just need to know which channels and how to attract and engage with them.

That’s where us, LikeMind Media, come in...

Which social media channels should I be on?

It depends on many things: where do your customers tend to be? How much time do you have to manage the platforms? What content can you create? You really don’t have to be on every platform, just because they exist. Besides, you have a business to run; you don’t want to be on social media all of the time!

How often should I post?

Each platform has a different way of working and a different algorithm that determines what people see. At the moment, you don’t need to post that frequently on Facebook, whereas you should probably post more frequently on Twitter. Your audience, and what they like to hear from you, also plays a part in this decision.

What time of day should I post?

Depending on the platform, this is largely dictated by the algorithm. We know from our broad experience that Instagram works well in the evening and weekends, but a good piece of content on Facebook can have a long shelf life that makes time almost irrelevant. Testing a few days and times is the best way to see what works for your account with your unique audience.

What is the best content for my business?

There isn’t a right or wrong answer here, I’m afraid. Factors we would look at are: what your audience likes and reacts to (particularly if that means traffic to your website), what you find easier to create and what time constraints and budget you have. We can help you with this.

What is the best way to grow a following?

Generally speaking, by consistently producing great content that your target market values. It takes time to do this, though and it’s important to know that social media is not a quick fix to more sales – it's not how people buy these days.

Should I buy followers?

Don’t believe anyone that says it doesn’t have any merits. The reality is that the display of a high number of followers makes it look attractive to some people. But if those followers aren’t really interested in buying from you, they’re not truly contributing a great deal. In some cases you will be penalised by the platform for having a low ratio of your followers who actually engage with you.

Should I pay for social media advertising?

Although it’s possible to grow your audience and be found by potential customers organically, this often takes too long for most businesses. Today, we recommend every one of our clients has a paid social media strategy as part of their overall marketing budget. Fortunately, we are experts in getting the best return on ad spend.

Is it acceptable to use automation?

Yes, but this doesn’t and shouldn’t replace genuine interaction with your audience. Automation can be great for things like answering standard questions that your customers have, via things like chatbots and automated responses. But it’s abysmal for engagement.

Should I outsource my social media or do it ourselves?

We believe that your business is best placed to talk to your customers. That’s why we help our clients with strategies to allow them to do this. But social media can take time to manage so, if you would like, we can take the strain for you.

How much does it cost to hire a social media agency?

Every agency is different and cost can range anywhere between £250 to £10,000 per month. We don't have a set price list as we don’t believe that one size fits all. Scheduling a fixed number of posts per week or engaging with a set number of people per month doesn’t address your specific business needs – we want to drive your business forward. We’ll tailor a bespoke package for you that fits your business objectives.

What does a social media agency do?

A good social media agency will do more than use social media to promote products and services for their clients. They will also focus on growing a brand's presence, getting involved with meaningful conversations, having engaged followers and loyal fans.

Every business is unique and has a different culture, a different style and different personalities their customers will interact with. No two strategies can ever be the same and any business that tells you they have a blueprint that you can just apply is misleading you. I’m proud to work with each of our clients as a partner, to understand what they’re about and offer them a social media strategy that works for them and drives customers to their door.

Paul Ince

Social Media Specialist

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