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You’ll get there faster if you pay to be in the newsfeed

It’s proving harder for businesses to get noticed on social media. The algorithms are not necessarily helping businesses be seen. Advertising on social media is a cost-effective way of ensuring your business is seen by the people you know will buy from you. Fortunately, it’s the cheapest form of advertising there is, for the targeted results you can get.

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Our Social Advertising Services

How Do We Help People With Social Advertising?

Audience Building

You probably know who your best customers are. We can use the definition (we’ll work with you on this) to target similar people using social media so your ad budget is being spent on those most likely to purchase. Perhaps you’re launching a new product or service and you don’t yet have customers that you can use as a template – no problem, we can help you define who it is you’re trying to attract.

We have experience in integrating your email list, CRM system or other database as part of the audience building, so you can target your existing customers and remind them that you exist.

Ad Creative

There are many different ad formats out there but, despite what the platforms suggest, you possibly need to rule some of them out. Our experienced ad team is creative and knows the type of ads that are delivering results right now. We will work with you on creating imagery, video and copy that sings to the audience we build for you and gets them clicking.

We’ll create different versions of ads and split test them to find out which one works best and maximise the return on your ad spend. You’ll be involved throughout the process and be able to learn from our team. The more campaigns we do, the better the results will be.

Analysis & Maintenance

There are many factors that can affect how an ad campaign performs: quality of the ad, resonance with the audience, budget, even news that affects what people are talking about on social media. Unlike an ad in a magazine, or even a billboard, social media advertising allows you to react and adapt to what’s going on.

We constantly monitor ads that are published on social media to see what is working well with your audience. We then amend anything that requires it: copy, visuals, calls to action or even audiences so that your budget is well spent. What you may think is your ideal audience may not turn out to be the case, but at least with us, we’ll be able to respond quickly and channel resources to those that are buying.

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What our clients think of us

The team at LikeMind Media totally get our business, our vibe and what we’re about. They come up with ideas that translate into ads that perform well and increase sales to our business. One ad we had running for the Tour de France is still generating sales months after the campaign started.

Steve Barradell. Graffio Arts

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by social advertising?

Social advertising is the process of placing advertisements within allocated slots within social media platforms. You will have to pay the appropriate platforms to appear in certain places based on the audience you define.

Is social advertising expensive?

Not at all! In fact, it’s arguably the most cost-effective form of advertising there is! Nowhere else can you target in such intricate detail – you virtually guarantee to present your information in front of the people who need it.

Which platforms are the most effective for advertising?

All platforms offer great return. Because of the amount of users and data in the platform, arguably Facebook/Instagram is the most effective, but if your audience is on other platforms then these also have great advertising options.

What are the benefits of social media advertising?

Social networks have a wealth of information on its users. This makes it possible to target your audience in a way that cannot be done with other advertising platforms. Easily create truly relevant and engaging micro-targeted ads that resonate with your audience.

Let’s not forget that there’s also the potential for your content to be shared between users across the social channels.

Should I consider advertising on Facebook?

The number of users on Facebook probably means that it has to be in the mix if your target audience is there. It is a cheap platform on which to advertise. However, the situation is fluid and this may change in the future.

What makes a great social ad?

Something that grabs someone’s attention, yet feels native to the platform and the location it’s in (i.e. if it’s in the newsfeed, it needs to look like a post), and relevancy to the target audience.

What outcomes should I be aiming for with social advertising?

Whatever your business objectives are. If it’s more sales then the advertising needs to be constructed in a way that facilitates this. If it’s downloads of an e-book then, similar.

Why is social media advertising important?

With social media advertising, also known as paid social, businesses can increase the reach of their social media campaigns and more easily share stories and build rapport with both customers and prospects.

Paid social can be used to send traffic to both your profile pages or website and are often used to create an initial buzz around content or help to generate brand and product awareness.

How difficult is it to advertise on social media?

It literally is almost as easy as clicking ‘Boost Post’. That’ll get you increased reach for a low cost, but the best campaigns are more sophisticated and multi-faceted. It’s a myth, however, that you need high-production quality ads. You can create amazing ads on a low budget.

Should I create ads myself or outsource it?

Each social network’s ad tools will guide you through the process of creating an ad and publishing it. The challenge then is to create engaging ad creative that will perform. You will need to monitor social ads; being able to react to performance is one of the skills needed to run successful campaigns. So that becomes a time-based issue.

How do I get the most out of paid social?

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to running paid social campaigns for clients in a range of different industries on all the major platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

No two ads are the same and what works for one business or product might not work for another. Part of the fun when incorporating social advertising into your marketing strategy is that you can play around with designs and wording to find what works best. Because you can track the success of your ads, it’s great to see how each ad has generated leads and contributed to sales.

Kieran Marshall

Content Creator

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