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Short-form video ideas that can boost your business

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The world is changing, and people don’t always have time to read a long blog or watch a 20-minute video, let alone one an hour long. If people are going to take time out to consume content, it needs to be high quality, engaging and entertaining. Creating short-form videos give your business great exposure, especially when the relevant platforms, like TikTok and YouTube Shorts, are growing exponentially.

Short-form videos will get your business in front of your audience, keep you at the forefront of their mind for when they need you and help to create a community of loyal customers. 59% of short-form videos are watched for 41-80% of their length, while 30% of them have an average watch rate of over 81%. Thus, short-form video is not a trend you should buck. However, it can be difficult to generate ideas for your business.

This blog will give you some interesting and engaging ideas that you can instantly implement in your business to boost your reach, generate awareness and leads, all while having fun.

Video Series

Creating a video series is a great way to get people to return to your profile for more, especially when they have a problem you can solve.

This can be almost anything, as it’s a fun way to show the people behind your organisation. This is important because it helps to show who is working so hard for them. It builds trust between your business and your audience. The more trust, the more likely you close a sale.

Think Snack Wars or a daily spelling bee in the office. Perhaps you have some great life or office hacks that are just going to change the game for your audience.

Come up with something that is quick and easy to do, that you can consistently create, and keep it entertaining, and you’re on to a winner.

Day In the Life

Show what a typical day is like behind the scenes at your organisation. Ask a client to get involved, even more so if you’re at their HQ for a meeting. Or perhaps someone brought their dog into work.

Tip: Cute animals are always an easy win on social

You can do a tour of your office, show off your amazing team and even the food around the office. These behind-the-scenes insights make your business human, making it easier for your customers to begin a relationship with your company.


The good old-fashioned interview. You can get a lot of information out there with this format, but it might not be the all-singing, all-dancing content that holds attention.

When creating your interview, capture one long version and separate it into smaller clips of 60 seconds max, ideally, though, shorter is better. If you can make the same point in 15 seconds, then do it.

Another way to keep eyes glued to the screen is to have something happening on the screen. This ‘something’ could be a jump cut, text on screen, a poll, a sticker, graphics, transitions, you name it. We, as humans have a diminshing attention span, so, giving your audience constant quick changes on screen will keep their eyes trying to track the action

Keeping attention for longer means you get more of your message across, whether you are promoting your products and services our a blog that will help a customer.

Whether you’re interviewing a client, partner, influencer or even your co-workers’ hilarious kids (with consent), it’s important to keep it fast-paced and action-packed.


Challenges are a great way to get your audience physically involved in your business. You could create a real-life scavenger hunt with clues on your social, or perhaps it’s a naming challenge for your next product.

This is entertaining. Entertaining content has the greatest chance to get people coming back to your page time and time again wanting more. This content on your profile could be sat next to a post which articulates everything about your product/service perfectly. In searching for the entertaining stuff, they have learnt more about your product and service.

Teach them

People love learning things and visual/verbal learning, aka short-form video content, is one of the most effective ways to do that, according to research by Ofcom.  The table below shows the ability to recall information after three hours and three days of different education methods. Only participation ranks higher than visual/verbal learning.

So, what sort of content can you create with this in mind? You can show people the process of creating your product or service, give insider tips and tricks, or maybe make commentary on the latest news in your industry. There are lots of options here, so get your mortarboard on and start teaching.

Show and Tell

This is video content, which is your best opportunity to explain things that can be a bit wordy and difficult to understand. Show off your products and services so that people know what you offer and what you can solve for them.

Showing products that are currently in testing or production makes your audience part of the process. They know more information than someone just reading your product description. They can engage with your content and express their thoughts and opinions on how to develop it. Hey, it might be AWFUL advice but it might be a real gem. Either way, you are listening to your audience and that’s huge in influence their purchase decision.  

Unboxing Videos

This might not be for you, but unboxing works. Think of those times when one of your team got a new laptop, or you get an industry-specific piece of kit, or even a gift from a client that you want to show off. Get that box opened on film and tell your audience what you love about it, why it is important to your business and a call to action.

These are great ideas to help your business get started making videos without a huge production budget.

Even if you don’t have loads of experience in videography, these ideas are easy to implement and will help you get started with creating videos for your social media channels. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, because we can do it for you!

Visit our website or get in touch via email or direct message to find out how we could boost your short-form video content to the next level.

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