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A LikeMind Media case study


Meridian Iliffe is a leadership development consultancy. They approached LikeMind Media because they wanted to attract more potential clients to their website and programmes. They were ‘innocents’ in the use of social media and wanted to learn how to take advantage of this medium to engage with a wider range of people and raise their profile. They also wanted some direction on how to optimise their website content.


Meridian Iliffe was established in 1995 and has bases in Leicestershire and Hertfordshire. It is run by husband and wife team Ashley Wood and Maria Iliffe-Wood who, working with a number of associates, provide training courses, workshops and coaching to leaders in organisations. Their clients range from medium-sized businesses to global corporations, in sectors as diverse as construction, financial, retail and housing.

Their focus is on understanding how the mind works, and how that brings about significant positive changes in leaders’ lives. They recognised that this understanding can help anyone, not just leaders, so over the previous year they had introduced workshops and a digital programme that were aimed at individuals rather than organisations.

We were led at a pace that worked for us, to an understanding of how to use social media that fits with who we are, the messages we want to put across and the time we have available.


Meridian Iliffe recognised the potential power of using social media to raise their profile and attract new clients but had not been able to harness this, leading them to engage with LikeMind Media.

While Meridian Iliffe had a small presence, they were not generating interest or attracting followers. They knew that if they were going to make the open workshops and online programme a success, they had to grow their following. 


We met once a month for a year and, during the initial meetings, we quickly gained an understanding of Meridian Iliffe’s needs and what they were trying to achieve.

We helped Meridian Iliffe to develop a gradual understanding of how social media works, culminating in the development of a strategy which was practical and fitted in with their time commitment while still meeting their needs.

We created a Facebook page for them and gave advice and guidance about the type of content to publish, such as videos, articles and livestreams, some of which have been successfully utilised, while there are future plans to start recording podcasts.

Together, we analysed content prior to publication, while we also advised how to increase interest in that content. We also looked at successful posts to understand what it was that had attracted interest, as well as analysing unsuccessful posts to understand potential reasons for a lack of interest.

We also provided guidance in using Facebook advertising and understanding Facebook advertising statistics, while also helping Meridian Iliffe understand Google analytics.

We also recommended several apps, such as Canva, and Milanote, to help create interesting and diverse social media content more easily.

Meridian Iliffe saw a number of tangible outcomes from these steps, including an 875% increase in their Facebook followers; a 525% rise in average number of visitors during a 14-month period; and a significant rise in the number of article shares.

For Meridian Illife’s website content, we offered advice and editing tips prior to publication on how to further optimise their blogs and enhance SEO. We made a number of suggestions that were utilised, such as how to structure the blogs, the use of keywords and tags, inserting internal and external links, improving headlines and including a call to action.

Meridian Iliffe have now adapted their writing techniques to incorporate this structured optimisation and have seen the benefits, with their blogs reaching a wider, more targeted audience which have in turn generated significantly more engagement than they were previously experiencing.


"Paul and his team were very easy and fun to work with and totally professional...We were never pushed to do anything that felt uncomfortable, yet through their encouragement and guidance we stretched well out of our comfort zone and ended up doing things we never thought we would do, like livestreams!"

-Maria Iliffe-Wood




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