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Marketers’ Survey 2020: The results

marketers survey results

2020 hasn’t exactly gone the way we planned. We know, understatement of the year. As marketers, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and rise to any occasion. So, how has the past year affected marketing?  

We conducted research to find out how marketers felt about their industry, their job role, the challenges and inspiration they meet daily. We delved into what this tells us about marketing in 2020 and how we meet the challenges we face, in order to conduct quality, relevant marketing for our audiences. 

The fine print 

This research was conducted using marketing professionals in the UK. The respondents came from freelancing, in-house and agency backgrounds and the survey was conducted in the spring and summer of 2020.  

We’re not pretending to have all the answers, but the report does provide some insight into how marketing professionals see themselves and where they feel their industry is going in the future.  

A snapshot of what’s in store 

Time and budget are the biggest barriers to success 

A common theme through the research is that a person’s role within the marketing department greatly affected their view. Often, director-level respondents held a different opinion to that of junior level marketers and this area was no different. 

56% of CMOs/directors and 22% of managers cited time as the biggest barrier to success, while both executives and juniors believed it was budget. This isn’t entirely unexpected, as the amount of information a person is privy to is often dependent on their seniority within their organisation. It does raise some interesting questions about communication within teams. 

“Senior roles are less likely to see barriers than junior roles, possibly because they have responsibility for overcoming the barriers themselves.” 

Paid social media advertising was a winner for lead generation 

Generating traffic and leads was identified as the biggest challenge faced by marketers, with 65% of respondents noting it as an issue. To overcome this challenge, most were using paid media as the solution. 

55% of respondents who used social advertising felt that social media had been the most successful method of driving leads and conversions. 

Despite the positive response towards social media advertising, 22% of respondents claimed not to use any form of digital advertising. Will 2021 see a rise in the utilisation of this type of promotion? Hopefully, our survey will be back to find out. 

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