A LikeMind Media case study


Key Forensic Services is a forensic service provider based in the West Midlands.  

The team there has been working with LikeMind Media for two years, towards the goal of establishing Key Forensic Services as the number one forensic service provider in the UK.  


Key Forensic Services is one of the leading forensic service providers in the UK. They offer a range of services to the criminal justice service, private sector companies and the general public. Key products include expert forensic testing for both prosecution and defence teams and DNA testing kits. 

Operating out of three locations in the UK, Key Forensic Services employs more than 250 staff.  


Key Forensic Services has long had an ambitious goal: to be the go-to forensic service provider in the UK. And with LikeMind Media's help, they're well on their way to achieving that goal.  
When we began working with Key Forensic Services around two years ago, they were looking to freshen things up and stand out from the crowd. And so, our relationship began with us reviewing and rewriting their website copy to better reflect their business and attract new enquiries. After successfully completing this, we moved onto new goals: to increase their brand awareness.

In terms of social media, that breaks down into two key objectives: 

  • Increase brand awareness by growing a social media audience 
  • Direct traffic to their website to generate leads and sales 


Key Forensic Services has two distinctive products, that each have a different audience. Because of this, LikeMind Media devised a marketing plan that gets the right messaging, in front of the correct audience, on the platforms they already use.  

Each social media platform had its own strategy and goals, to achieve the best outcomes. For example, Facebook was used to promote DNA testing services to the general public while LinkedIn focused on marketing professional services to members of the criminal justice system including police forces and the legal profession.  
Specific campaigns have achieved specific goals, such as:

  • new product launches increasing website traffic and gaining new enquiries 
  • company initiatives increasing brand awareness 
  • promoting new job opportunities (such as a new apprenticeship scheme) 
  • awards for which members of staff are nominated 
  • key moments they were involved in during the pandemic, such as delivering specialist equipment to the NHS 

Marketing to the public sector presents unique challenge with most contracts being tendered. The strategy was based on showcasing the innovation and development of unique processes via a series of webinars to support the tender process. LikeMind Media has even played an active role in helping to review, edit and in some cases help rewrite very lengthy tender bids – helping Key Forensic Services to secure new business.

It hasn’t all been social media though and the writing certainly didn’t stop with the website refresh. Since then, we’ve kept the website up-to-date with new sections and services, such as a relaunch of the DNA relationship testing service. 
We regularly write blogs and articles for their website, increasing their traffic and keeping their audience up-to-date with the latest news, sometimes interviewing Key Forensic Services staff members to create insightful expertise content. And when there’s something really special to say, our journalist-trained team have produced press releases for them, attracting media attention from the likes of regional press and the BBC.  


This targeted approach, and the results it has achieved for Key Forensic Services, has fuelled a long and happy relationship between them and LikeMind Media. 


Richard Bishop, Commercial Manager of Key Forensic Services, said: 

"I have worked with LikeMind Media on behalf of my company for over two years and only have fantastic things to say. From the moment I/we met Paul and the team, they were engaging and full of enthusiasm. 

Primarily we use LikeMind Media for content creation/social media and as a result, our profile has risen significantly within our industry, now benefiting from the highest amount of followers on LinkedIn and constant customer/stakeholder engagement. 

LikeMind Media can provide a virtual marketing team for your business. Led by an effective account manager, our team will work with you to understand your objectives and ensure results are met through the right mix of marketing mediums. 


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