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Our people are our business. Want to be part of something special, a unique business that puts employees first?

At LikeMind Media, we believe that work is an important part, but not the only part, of life. We offer flexible working to suit your life. We want you to be happy in work so that you want to work. Need to go and catch the nativity play? No problem. Having a new bike delivered? You’d best get on it and try it out, pronto. We are your work family, we’ll help each other.

We are always open to the following roles for the right type of people to join our team. If any of these are you, get in touch.

We particularly welcome people who have caring responsibilities and have struggled to find employment that fits their needs or lifestyle.

Account Manager

Salary Range: £28k-£35k

This is a client-facing role that focuses on understanding their needs and translating them into strategies. It is a fundamental part of our marketing methodology that generates leads through content creation. You’ll have a pivotal role to play in ensuring our clients stay ahead of their competition by creating campaigns that use data as a way of differentiating themselves.

Who you are

You have savvy marketing skills and a friendly approach that will develop the relationships we have with our clients, helping them succeed in their businesses.

By understanding the myriad channels available in today’s world, you’re able to drive a brand forward by offering advice that shows you’re at the forefront of an ever-changing industry. Working closely with the research and content teams, you can marry a client’s objectives with outputs that generate leads and sales.

You’re a confident writer, have an understanding of how social media can be used to engage audiences and are keen on using video and audio as part of the content mix, creating content yourself when necessary. 

Understanding the commercial elements of a client relationship, you can spot an opportunity and work with the team to offer additional services that will push their business forward.

Content Creator

Salary Range: £20k-£26k

This is a role that involves working as part of a team to deliver innovative and exceptional campaigns for our clients so that they stay ahead of their competition. You’ll use your imagination and creativity along with tools and applications to create content that will stand out, get attention and drive people to take action. Oh, and you’ve got to love writing.

Tasks you will undertake include (but are definitely not limited to):

  • Researching the latest developments and trends in marketing, including social media, audio and video
  • Creating social media content using a wide range of outputs
  • Writing blog posts, creative content, media releases and other types of copy for websites, brochures, email marketing and flyers
  • Analysing the success of content and reporting back internally to account managers and the senior team
  • Anything else that you feel will deliver the best results for clients

Who you are

You’re a confident self-starter who can work independently without the need to be micro-managed. You’re the type of person who has an idea and can run with it. With an inquisitive mind, you like seeing how deep the rabbit hole goes and gets far too excited when you find something amazing.

You’ve got a real passion for words and, no matter what the subject, you’ll find a way to write about it.

You like numbers and stats, particularly when they relate to human stories.

You like talking to people and enjoy a bit of friendly banter, but you’re not scared to tell others that you need to concentrate and put yourself in Do Not Disturb mode.

You’re able to put your case forward as to why your idea is a great one, and seeks out feedback in order to improve.

Who we are

LikeMind Media was born from an idea that working in partnership with clients is more important that appearing like a supplier. Our clients’ goals are our goals. We only work with organisations that share our values:

  • Selflessness in helping others
  • Love and family
  • Determination
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Love of learning, development and improving what we do

We are open with each other – you’ll know how the business is doing, and where it’s going all the time. You’ll feel a part of something special. You will have the ability to influence where LikeMind Media is going in the future.

We offer total flexible working. Work the hours that suit you, where you want. Our main office in Loughborough is a creative hub. Work from there if you like or just drop in when you need to collaborate or be creative. It has an awesome coffee shop where the cookies are 🔥

Our clients are based in the UK and the US and are increasingly managed remotely. You do not have to be based near the office to apply.

Full time or part time options are available.

If you are looking to get back into work from a career break, want it to work around family, or just want to have a great life that’s not dominated by work, we’re here for you.

You’ll receive a salary (dependent on experience), pension and MacBook.

No agencies please.

How to apply

How you apply is totally up to you. You’re applying to work in marketing – show us what you’ve got.

If you’re unsure, you can always introduce yourself here.

Because we work in a hybrid way (sometimes in the office, sometimes at home), if you’re looking to send us anything, please send us an email to arrange.

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