A LikeMind Media case study


James Andrews Recruitment Solutions (JARS) are specialists in both temporary and permanent recruitment, boasting expertise within a variety of sectors, including finance, HR, IT, education, social housing and support, property management and construction. 

As experts in a number of key disciplines, James Andrews Recruitment Solutions can provide dedicated support to clients by sourcing and providing highly experienced consultants, contractors and professionals in order to allow them to find the right people at the right time. 

LikeMind Media began working with James Andrews Recruitment Solutions at the end of 2020 with the objective of growing their social media audience and expanding online presence, as well as driving more traffic to their website. In addition, JARS wanted to differentiate between their two key audiences and speak to them differently across various social media platforms, those being, firstly, candidates looking for jobs, and secondly, employees wanting to recruit for positions within their business.  


Founded in 2009, James Andrews was created by a team of recruitment specialists who between them had more than 50 years of experience in the industry. 

James Andrews Recruitment Solutions was established with the aim of supporting clients by ensuring they have the talent to obtain the best results, and to grow their company. This is also mirrored by the personal and professional service they extend to candidates who gain a trusted partner, helping them search for the next step in their career. 

Candidates can lean on JARS’ knowledge and experience in a variety of different sectors in order to find their next position. JARS’ personal and professional service will aid and guide candidates at every step of the process, ensuring they get the best possible chance of landing their next role. 

The staff at JARS work differently to most recruitment agencies because, rather than individual targets, they work in teams. This encourages staff to work together and work to the same goals. 

What struck LikeMind Media most about working with JARS was their commitment to supporting and empowering their teams to do their best possible work. There is a great company culture which focuses on so socialising as a team and helping each other reach their targets. There’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’ and there’s certainly no ‘I’ in JARS. 


JARS were keen to share their vision and experience on a larger scale, to a wider audience. They knew that their team approach and the service they were giving to their customers was something special. This is where LikeMind Media came in, a content creation company whose values were aligned to that of JARS and who could amplify their unique way of working. 

The key commercial objectives were to: 

  • Grow JARS’ social media audiences across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to increase their brand awareness  
  • Drive traffic to their website so their potential audience could view all the services they offer 
  • Create regular content for their two audiences: employers, and employees who would find it informative and engaging 

There is a fun feel to the teams at JARS, with lots of personalities creating a ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality. There is lots going on in all three offices at JARS, and we wanted to capture that action and share it on social media. We also wanted to create content for their audiences that they would engage with on social media and, through longer-form written content, demonstrate the excellent work JARS are doing. 

From the beginning, JARS’ managing director, Dan Bosley, was enthusiastic about creating engaging content and sharing what was happening across their offices. The aim was to create entertaining and informative content that could be easily digested by their audience. 


The LikeMind Media team listened closely to what James Andrews Recruitment Solutions wanted to achieve. We then devised a strategy that included a range of different mediums that would meet JARS’ specific objectives. 

Firstly, the LikeMind team completed a full audit of JARS’ social media channels and website. Once that had been completed, our team needed to understand what aspects were working and where improvements could be made. We then began to create content for social media that was written specifically to provide accurate information at the points their audience needed it.  

At this point, the LikeMind team ensured that collaboration between us and JARS would be as easy and straightforward as possible. We set up a variety of touch points and ways to communicate with each other that would allow the JARS team to easily send over pictures and updates about things that were happening in all three of their offices in London, Birmingham and Leicester. 

Creating these communication channels and fostering effective relationships meant that the content LikeMind were producing was of the moment, engaging and really reflected what a young vibrant company JARS is. 

“During the past 12 months, we have grown JARS’ audience across all social media platforms, especially LinkedIn, and they now have well over 20,000 followers on this platform and their posts are reaching a significantly wider audience”– Rebecca Shaw, Account Manager. 


Dan Bosley, Managing Director of James Andrews Recruitment Solutions, said: 

“I have been working with LikeMind Media for nearly 12 months and, throughout that time, I have been hugely impressed with their creativity, professionalism and attentiveness. 

Having used several media and digital agencies in recent years, LikeMind’s service is miles ahead, especially their ability to delve deeper into the values of our business and shout about them via social media. No task is too much trouble or too small, and I feel supported in an area which is not my natural expertise. I would happily recommend LikeMind Media to other businesses.” 

LikeMind Media can provide a virtual marketing team for your business. Led by an effective account manager, our team will work with you to understand your objectives and ensure results are met through the right mix of marketing mediums. 




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