21 Jan 2022 News

Introducing Together 2022: The group coaching programme

I was tempted to start this blog by recapping the last two years but, let’s be real, we were all there and many of us are trying to look to the future. So, let’s try to leave that (and hopefully soon, the virus who must not be named) in the past.  

The point is, we’re really looking to the future at LikeMind Media. And with a whole lot of positivity, I might add. So, when we started planning for 2022, we knew we wanted to do something fresh and different, something that would bring benefit to a whole new audience. And we’ve done that with our new group coaching programme, Together 2022.  

Let me tell you, we’re very excited about this one. Why? Because it’s designed especially for small business owners, who struggle to keep up with their marketing but, for who, hiring an agency or freelancer is simply unrealistic. The whole programme is curated for people who are time-poor, passionate about their business and are looking to achieve great things in 2022. 

So, we’ve scrapped ‘new year, new me’ and instead we’re going for ‘new year, new offering’. That’s pretty much the business equivalent, right?  

I’ll tell you a little bit about what Together 2022 includes and, if it piques your interest, you can take a look at some more details.  

What does Together 2022 include? 

We know there’s never enough time in the day when you’re running your own business, so the entire programme has been designed to work around your needs. Here’s what you’ll get: 

  • Six two-hour sessions with strategy and education. This will include the latest marketing techniques, and updates to platforms, allowing you to develop skills that can be applied to your business 
  • Peer-led discussions with your group around topics and challenges being faced 
  • Two hot-seat accesses and regular check-ins, for when you need guidance from the LikeMind Media team 
  • A shared group forum to keep in contact with your peers and build your network 
  • Free access to all MarketEd.Live online content to help expand your knowledge 

How will the sessions work? 

Each session will be facilitated by Paul Ince (aka BizPaul). Paul is a marketing strategist who, as well as running LikeMind Media, also delivers strategy, training and education around the East Midlands. You might recognise him from training sessions with the Digital Growth Programme, D2N2 Growth Hub or other regional training bodies. 

Marketing strategy and education will be at the heart of every session, with Paul tailoring the time during each session to the needs and challenges of the group. The rest of the session will be focused on peer-led group discussion, giving you the opportunity to share your thoughts and seek advice about any business concerns you’re having.  

Who is Together 2022 for? 

Together 2022 has been specifically designed to help business owners drive their businesses forward. If any of the following sound familiar, it might be for you: 

  • I want to do more marketing but I don’t have a team or an agency 
  • I want to develop a more effective marketing strategy 
  • I’m a business owner and I’d like to improve the marketing of my business 

You can find out all about the programme, and read feedback from people Paul has helped, here.  

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss.  

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