22 Aug 2019 Strategies

Instagram Changes: Everything marketers need to know in 2019

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There are some big changes coming from Instagram. Will they affect you as marketers? Of course. However, it’s down to you to be up to date with the information to get ahead of the curve. It’s up to us to quench that thirst for social media knowledge. 

Instagram changes in 2019

Below is a list of the changes coming your way on Instagram.

1. You can now publish from your desktop 

You can now use Facebook Creator studio to publish Instagram and IGTV posts from your desktop. However, this can only be carried out if you are the page admin. This also gives users access to insights and the capability to manage all communications from your desktop. No more accessing your Instagram direct messages through the mobile app.  

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Well, it’s about time. Get in there!

2. Instagram and WhatsApp: New face, old book

Both Instagram and WhatsApp are getting a rebrand with “From Facebook”. The social media giant has released and confirmed plans to add the Facebook logo to both apps. Facebook says that they want to be clearer on the products and services that are part of the Facebook brand. 

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Is it the right move for Facebook to brand their other apps?

3. Meme pages purged on Instagram with New Hire 

Instagram has permanently blocked and removed several meme accounts for violation of their terms of use. This caused outrage as the pages suspended had over 30 million followers combined.  

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Alright Instagram, calm down. They’re banned now.

Following this, Instagram has hired a new Strategic Partnerships Manager for Meme accounts. The role will be simple: to identify new trends and formats that work, whilst serving the pre-existing meme creators.  

4. Search Ad Placements expanded to more advertisers 

After testing US businesses last year, Facebook has expanded search ads placements to more advertisers. The search ads must be running in tandem with your Facebook newsfeed ads. You can create search ads with the same static images or carousel options. Simply select the Facebook search option whilst creating your newsfeed ad.  

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Hey, you wanna come search advertising with me?

5. Removing outdated targeting options 

Facebook has plans to remove thousands of outdated interest targets. Options such as old movies, band names and older cultural references are being removed. This is across all of Facebook’s ad interfaces over the next few months. Let’s be honest if you are doing your ads right, you probably won’t even notice they are gone.  

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Yeah Facebook, get with the times, no-one targets like that anymore.

6. Your Facebook page reach will now include stories 

In an attempt to get more people using Facebook stories, the social media platform has added the stories data to your overall Facebook page reach. However, you will now be able to see the bigger picture of how your content is actually performing. 

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Processing all them analytics like…

7. Slideshow Stories 

Facebook seems to be adding slideshow options to their stories. Matt Navara highlighted that Facebook is testing the new option, which will enable users to add a slideshow of static images, only on iOS.  

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Brace yourselves folks, long Facebook stories incoming

So, there you have it. Everything you need to know about the upcoming changes from Instagram.

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