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IGEM, the Institute of Gas Engineers and Managers is an organisation that has been supporting businesses and individuals working within the fast-paced and innovate gas industry since it was established in 1863. Since then, IGEM have connected a community of likeminded individuals who are passionate about their work and strive to improve the standards of practice and safety within the gas sector. These regulations are responsible for keeping both gas workers and their customers safe. 

From guiding those at the very beginning of their career in the gas sector to supporting those making a big change at a later date, IGEM provides information about the future of energy. They are also committed to supporting the growing requirements for alternative green energy sources, and are experts in hydrogen and the importance of this innovative fuel in the future. 

LikeMind Media began working with IGEM in 2021 with the objective of increasing the number of memberships they gain each year, raising their profile across all their social media platforms, driving more traffic to their website and telling their story about the future of hydrogen by promoting their award-shortlisted Hydrogen Knowledge Centre. Our role was to help more professionals within the gas and hydrogen industries to access the wealth of knowledge that IGEM has available through its unique membership options. 


IGEM are the professional engineering institution for the gas industry. Their core aim is to help all those involved with gas to achieve and maintain the highest standards of professional competence, through education, networking and much more. 

They provide their members with the latest technical standards, deliver high-quality events and courses that contribute to professional development, and bring people together to share knowledge, expertise and best practice. 

IGEM connects both individuals and organisations working across the gas sector, regardless of their specific role or sector. Their members included likeminded people who care about the future of energy, and ensuring standards are consistent, making it safe for society. 


IGEM were interested in highlighting the work they were doing as an organisation across their social media. They wanted to bring their marketing efforts together, between their internal team and LikeMind Media, to create a much stronger, consistent and effective message to share to their audiences. 

As an organisation that has been running since 1863, IGEM wanted to ensure that all their member benefits and incredible work within the gas industry were visible to those who it affected.  

The institution also wanted to create content that their audience would engage with on social media and, through longer-form written content, demonstrate the excellent work they were doing. 

They approached LikeMind Media, a specialist content creation company who could work closely with them, and promote the work happening behind the scenes within the industry, to their desired audiences. 


The key commercial objectives were to: 

  • Increase the number of new memberships  
  • To grow their audiences across all their social media platforms to increase their brand awareness 
  • To promote the benefits of different grades of memberships with a specific focus on gas engineers, EngTechs and Housing Providers 


Ultimately, IGEM wanted to attract gas and hydrogen professionals to their website so they could gain an insight into the most up-to-date information, thought leadership and networking opportunities available to them, and be inspired to join the community of other professionals within this respected and trustworthy institution. 


The LikeMind Media team took on board what IGEM wanted to achieve and then devised a plan to meet IGEM’s specific objectives. An important part of what makes LikeMind different to other agencies is the care and attention we give to nurturing effective and positive client relationships.  

Firstly, the LikeMind team completed an audit of IGEM’s social media channels and reviewed the vast amount of content on these platform. The team at LikeMind needed to understand what aspects were working and where improvements could be made. This has allowed LikeMind to unlock the incredible range of valuable content on IGEM’s website, which they were previously not highlighting through their digital marketing. 

LikeMind began to create content for IGEM’s social media platforms that would encourage the audience to access the website for further information. This included content that targeted specific member questions, included video graphics and made use of the engaged community that was being developed through daily audience building. 

As well as providing consistent support with content creation, community management and ad-hoc content creation when required, LikeMind Media have also worked hard to support IGEM during industry-relevant events. From local, national through to global conferences, the team has worked hard to promote IGEM’s important message wherever possible. 

The COP26 summit in Glasgow in 2021 was an important time for IGEM it was crucial that their messages were seen and heard by a relevant audience. During this crucial window of opportunity, LikeMind worked even closer with the IGEM team to create specific, engaging content with speedy turnarounds to capture their audience. 

So far, the efforts we have put in have seen IGEM’s audience grow by 32%, and this is successfully driving their membership campaign. 


Carl Stokes, Head of Marketing at IGEM, has been delighted with the results that LikeMind have been able to produce so far.  

“The team at LikeMindMedia quickly felt part of the IGEM Comms Team and helped us accelerate our strategy through listening, challenging and delivering value for money support. They live and breathe their work, and their enthusiasm is evident and infectious.” 

- Carl Stokes, Head of Marketing

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