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How we’re using artificial intelligence (AI) at LikeMind Media 

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What’s known as Generative AI (essentially tools that use machine learning capabilities based on large language models to produce content) has exploded on to the content creation scene with a bang. Whether it’s ChatGPT, Midjourney, DALL-E or Adobe Firefly, these tools are here to stay, and it would be foolish of us to ignore that they exist. In this post, I’m going to outline how we are using AI in the work we do, so that it is clear to prospects and clients alike. 

Is there a threat from AI? 

I’m focusing on tools that create content, not the Terminator-like nightmare scenario we all want to avoid. Yes, there is a threat to a business like LikeMind Media but, at this stage, it’s not from what you may think.  

Having worked extensively at testing the solutions on offer, out of curiosity, but also to understand where this is going, in my view, the threat is not necessarily from the output. At this stage (April 2023), I haven’t seen a tool that can write as well as any member of the LikeMind Media team. Data and citations are often old (if they’re there at all). Information about strategies is quickly outdated as the marketing landscape changes so rapidly – without other articles online to draw on, AI can’t learn. AI also can’t draw on our individual experiences of working in the many businesses and sectors we do. 

AI can do more than a half decent job. When it comes to writing, the output is good enough for a non-marketer to think that the content is good enough. A piece may include technical information that a business needs to include; a business many consider that sufficient to publish.  

But that doesn’t mean that the content is effective. It doesn’t mean that the published piece will draw traffic to the website or get displayed high up in any search engine results. 

So, in fact, the threat to a business like ours is potential clients choosing an app instead of an experienced content marketing company. 

Is average what you’re looking for? Then AI may be the right path for you. 

What about images? 

I am not a graphic designer, so I’m kind of in the same position as the potential client I’ve just described. I have a little knowledge, and that could be dangerous. 

I’ve played around with different tools, as have our team. There are some incredible images being created that will certainly stand out if used in marketing. 

However, it’s not yet fully clear what the legal situation is with producing images using AI, especially for commercial use. Indeed, Adobe Firefly makes it clear that the outputs it generates are not for commercial use. That’s despite Adobe Firefly using source images from its stock imagery catalogue that it owns. Imagine using an AI generated image for your marketing, spending money on printed materials only to be sued by a creator of an original piece of art. 

How do these concerns affect what we use AI for? 

When you’re paying a company to create content for you, you need to feel assured that their work is both original and relevant to your target audience. At this stage, I’m not convinced we can fully say that. This means there are limits to what we are prepared to use AI for. But we are using AI, so how are we using it at LikeMind Media? 

Improving productivity 

In a business like ours, there is a lot to do. We create a lot of content and that takes time. The more efficient we can become in our jobs, the more content we can create and the more we can put in to making the best type. 

Our main use of AI is in productivity improvements. Things like: 

  • Identifying trends in our project management 
  • Analysing client results data 
  • Producing dashboards and reports 
  • Interrogating data in our CRM 

In the future we are looking forward to using Microsoft Copilot to take advantage of AI within the Microsoft 365 services we use. 

Idea generation 

There are several tools coming on to the market that shortcut research. We’re not using these just yet, but they are certainly on the list of tools to work with. Generating insights into our client’s target markets and audiences will help us identify trends, questions, and topics for content creation. The time we save can be used to create better content. 

Assisting with structure 

We are using tools to give us suggested outlines and structures of content. For example, we may ask AI to give us an outline for a blog about the history of crockery. It would give us some key points to consider including and, hopefully, give us some references to research further. 

Similarly, we may ask AI to give us some hooks (opening lines) to a social media ad or post.  

Where we are running social media advertising, we are using AI to generate multiple variations. This reduces ad copy creation time and means we can spend more time on the management of the ads process, thus improving the results we achieve for our clients. 

We may ask AI to suggest an outline for a video script to give us multiple shots to shoot on a filming day. 

We do not ask AI to write content in full for any of our clients, or for our own website. 

How will someone know if you are using AI as part of the creation process? 

We are making a commitment today to be transparent about how we use AI in content we produce. If AI is used in creating any piece of long form written content, we will label this. Interestingly, Adobe Firefly is labelling all its output; I think this is a good way to behave at this point. By labelling how it’s used, you can be assured that any investment in the services you take from LikeMind Media are well spent in creating original, thought-provoking, lead-generating content. 

Does the use of AI make working with you less expensive? 

I want us to work in partnership with our clients and any organisation that works with us will know what we are using and for what purpose. We already give all our clients full access to our online strategy system and publishing system so remaining transparent is a core principle for us. 

This also means that the investment that a client makes with us will be great value for money. 

What about the future? 

We live in an exciting, changeable time. It’s imperative that we move with the times and embrace technology to make our lives easier and stay ahead in the work we do. There are bound to be further enhancements AI and similar technologies evolve to assist further. We’ll be using the most appropriate ones to deliver for our clients. 

I welcome a conversation about how we’re using AI, so please contact me personally with your thoughts. 

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