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How we calculate your investment

One of the many things you may be thinking when considering working with us is how much it costs.

Like all our interaction with you, we want to be as transparent as possible. Plus, letting you know how we price things will help you decide whether we’re someone that fits your criteria.

Ethical Pricing

We all know that £495 means £500. We have no desire to try and use charm prices to undercut someone else by a few pounds. Charm prices also suggest discounted value and what we do is of high-quality and high-value. Why insult your intelligence? Any proposal we make to you will reflect the true value of the service you will receive.

No set price list

Sorry, it would be super convenient if we just had a simple price list that you can cherry pick from. The thing is, we don’t believe that one size fits all. Scheduling a fixed number of posts per week or writing a number of emails per month doesn’t address your specific business needs – we want to drive your business forward, not limit you by numbers. We’ll tailor a bespoke package for you, that fits your business objectives and that you can measure us against.

But it’s useful to have a guide, so here are some examples of how we might price your investment in marketing services from us.

Social Media

We’ll look at which platforms best fit your target audience and they type of content that needs to be created to get results. Then we’ll calculate the projected effort involved in creating, scheduling and engaging (which is always standard).

A simple schedule of a couple of channels with content that includes driving people to your website, images/graphics the management of it, including the strategy would start at around £600 + VAT per month.

A more complex strategy involving multiple channels, the creation of story formats, bespoke video and/or animation, front line customer service would be around the £1750 + VAT per month.

It’s possible that you sit somewhere in between these two – let’s talk about your requirements and see.

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We always research the topics we write about. That may be with you directly, if you’re the experts, or we may need to do our own research. Writing projects are estimated based on the effort in writing the piece. We’ll produce a scope based on time.

A monthly email communication that involves writing a love letter to customers with appropriate call to actions and links to the website, with images could be around the £300 + VAT per month.

Researching and writing copy for 22 pages of a website, limited in structure but needing liaison and technical sign off could be around the £2,500 + VAT mark.

The more regular the writing work for a client, the easier it is to write, so we are happy to pass these efficiencies back to you.

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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is not a quick fix. There are constant changes that need to be made, so we work on a retainer basis over a number of months. We will perform keyword research, amend copy, suggest content and more – please visit our SEO page for more information. Prices will vary depending on the size of the website and numbers of sites that you may wish us to look after.

A small 7-10 page website, with a monthly report would start at £400 + VAT per month.

A larger 20 page website, with a large number of products that require specific SEO for each would start at £1,500 + VAT per month.

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  • Actionable tasks for you to improve your ranking immediately.

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Social Advertising

This really depends on how big a campaign you wish to run, how many different types of ad you wish to run and where you wish to display them. The more ad placements and more testing you wish to do, the more effort is required.

Ad spend is not included in our pricing.

A Facebook/Instagram ad campaign with a simple image-based ad appearing in the newsfeeds, with us creating the audience, setting up the campaign and monitoring, with minor amendments will start around the £300 + VAT per month.

A multi-platform (e.g Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) ad campaign based on different creative for newsfeeds and story formats, multiple audiences, with us implementing, monitoring and making changes throughout the campaign will start at £2,000 + VAT per month.

If you prefer to manage the ad campaigns yourself, we can offer consultative services starting at £750 + VAT per day.

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How does all this sound? Need more info? Want to discuss further? Send us a message below or call us on 01509 323363.

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