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How email can keep you in your customer’s mind when budgets are being squeezed 

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Let’s face it, so many of us are slaves to our emails. In fact, recent research shows that there are four billion daily email users

Whether you’re enjoying your morning coffee, are deep into a task or about to rush into a meeting, that infamous ping can take our attention from the task at hand and leave us forgetting what we were doing in the first place. 

With all that said, email is a fantastic form of communication which has had some bad press recently in the era of ‘as per my last email’ but it’s a really good way to stay in touch with your customers and audience base. 

In 2022, businesses and consumers sent and received approximately 333.2 billion emails per day worldwide. In fact, this is predicted to increase to 347.3 billion in 2023, and over 376 billion by 2025. So, why not capture your audience’s attention in these key moments? Be the reason they smile and tick something like ‘buy your product’ off their to do list. 

Why email is key to your marketing efforts 

If you’re currently thinking of investing more in email marketing, you’re in good company. 37% of brands are increasing their email budget. This is because more and more companies are seeing the value in email marketing and are interested in capturing the time that we spend in emails and using it to promote their key messages. 

As email copy tends to be longer than your average tweet, it provides the opportunity to showcase your brand’s tone of voice, share the information your customer needs and leave the thinking of you next time the right moment arises. 

This might go some way to explaining why 60 percent of consumers say they’ve made a purchase as the result of a marketing email they received.   

Much like how doing just social media will only yield you certain results, it’s the same with email marketing. These are both examples of components that can and often should be included in a comprehensive and well thought out strategy. 

Here are just a few benefits of email marketing 

There are so many benefits of utilising email in your marketing as since we’re in our email inboxes most days, you can guarantee your audience is too, so get your email content in front of the eyes of your customers and potential customers today. 

  1. Great reach – not everyone has social media but you can bet they have an email address 
  1. Good click through rate – with email, you give the viewer everything they need to make a purchase or complete your desired CTA 
  1. Very shareable content – forwarding makes this quick and easy 

Email ideas to get you started  

With the average professional spends 28% of the work day reading and answering email, according to a McKinsey analysis, it makes sense to add email marketing to your overall strategy. 

Whether you want to be playful, a little funny or just cut through the noise and be to the point, email is a great way to convey the information that you want and need to. 

List of types of email (at different points of the customer journey)  

1) Not heard from you in a while 

2) New product or service alert 

3) Regular check in (The Daily Good is a great example of this)  

Email marketing is an effective, and often creative, element to add to your overall marketing strategy. Like with any element of marketing, the e correct research, brainstorming and strategy thinking are required before you dive headfirst into something so don’t just start emailing on a whim without a plan. Instead, think about if your audience is likely to age with your email content, whether it can bring them value, and if you have the time and resources to commit to a regular schedule. 

As always though, we’re here to answer all of your marketing questions so just get in touch with us today. Marketing right now can feel especially challenging and we know that it can be tough. Whether you already work with us, want to, or have no intention of doing so, if we can be of any help at all, please do get in touch with us. We’re all in this together. 

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