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A LikeMind Media case study


House & Home Bespoke offer marketing solutions to help people sell or rent homes across Leicestershire. Their approach to selling houses is radically different to typical estate agencies, taking a customer-led direction, which is what prompted them to work with LikeMind Media. With our communicative and persuasive writing skills and their creative licence, we created beautiful stories to help market houses to prospective buyers. 


The team at House & Home Bespoke recognised a gap in the market for unique marketing solutions for interesting homes. They took this opportunity to grow the brand, providing a distinct marketing proposition that challenged the perception of the usual ‘estate agent’. House & Home Bespoke combined a passion for property with storytelling to create a dedicated and fresh service in their local area. Their target audience includes both sellers and buyers of country homes, who are interested in House & Home’s portfolio of bespoke homes. It is House & Home’s unique offering that placed such houses at the forefront of their business.  



House & Home Bespoke focus on each individual customer’s needs, going above and beyond at each stage of the buying and selling process to ensure they provide the best service and results. Stepping into the seller’s shoes allows them to see the personal value of each home The issue was how to portray this to potential buyers. Rather than traditional estate agent copywriting, House & Home Bespoke were looking for content writing that could turn heads, ensuring they were providing a completely different service to their competitors – other estate agents. House & Home’s listings must be developed to a consistently high quality, reflecting the personality, character and value of each individual home.  

They came to LikeMind Media for help with their marketing solutions, with the aim of increasing house sales through effective and persuasive creative pieces about their homes. With our team’s outstanding background in journalism, we were not short of writing expertise and had everything on hand to get stuck in. 


We learned about the homes from those who knew them best: the sellers. We conducted interviews with the homeowners to gain a greater insight into their time living in their home, ensuring we were creating a true and positive reflection. Developing a rapport with the seller made them feel more comfortable and responsive which, in turn, enhanced the quality and depth of our description. We focused on any interesting features and nuggets of history to paint a colourful picture of the home, instantly transporting the reader to the property. This helped House & Home Bespoke achieve their goal of conveying the value of a property, while resonating with prospective buyers through powerful descriptions.  

Once finished, the descriptions were placed on the House & Home website, giving a creative alternative to traditional estate agent listings. The stories, intertwined with memories and tales of family and lived-in experience, stood out compared to the usual features and dimensions seen on property listings. 

Listening to each owner, the lives that they had lived in their home and all the ups and downs they had experienced, allowed us to craft stories that had depth. It was easy to imagine walking across the threshold, leaving your muddy wellies at the door and entering the home. These were the stories we portrayed to House & Home Bespoke’s audience.  

Unlike traditional estate agents, House & Home sell properties by homing in on the hopes, dreams and life experiences that occur within our homes. At LikeMind Media, we were thrilled with the unusual challenge and the opportunity to tell some stories. 




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