17 Jun 2020 Crisis marketing News

Get ready to relaunch your business

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The last few months have been a challenge. Part of the challenge is figuring out how to say ‘unprecedented‘ without using the word. If your business didn’t fall off a cliff overnight, you’re lucky. Many companies have had to quickly make great changes. Many are still grappling with a landscape that bears little resemblance to BC (before COVID-19).

Whether business is getting back to some kind of normality, or whether you are having to conduct business in an entirely new way, one thing is certain in these most uncertain of times: If you want to survive, you will have to take action to market your business.

Perhaps you have been able to take the time to re-evaluate your offering. Maybe you have developed a specific package that meets new needs, exposed by the crisis. Or maybe you need to get rid of old stock to free up cash.

It’s quite possible that the products and services you offer haven’t changed at all. It may be that you need to get back in touch with previous customers to tell them you’re back. It might be that what you offer is now suitable for a wider audience.

Nobody will ever know that you still exist, or that you have adapted to a new world, if you don’t market what you offer. Word of mouth and recommendations will get you far– these are personal testimonials after all. But it takes far too long, and time is short when there’s a deep recession looming.

The great news is that it’s not a fait accompli that your business will struggle as other businesses go under and budgets are tightened. In my experience of living through previous recessions, it’s how adaptive your business is that goes in some way to ensure your survival.

Indeed, many businesses thrive when others go by the wayside. Waiting for the inevitable is a negative response. We need to relaunch your business.

By acting now, you partly buy time to learn what’s working and what needs amending. Plans for a new service can be tweaked based on initial feedback on perception and delivery. New products can be tested and altered ready for the mass market and influx of orders.

As we reopen– and it may be precarious for a while yet– we need to get our brand, our business, our products and services in front of those who are ready to buy. Visibility is key, you may just need a helping hand.

Today, we are launching our Relaunch Your Business service aimed at any organisation who wants to act swiftly to be in front of their target customer.

We’ve developed this specific, temporary, service as a package to get you up and running quickly. It’s a collection of different activities that we will undertake with you, taking the stress of marketing off your hands so you can concentrate on your day-to-day operation and the fantastic customer service you offer.

It includes:

  • Initial online strategy session with an experienced consultant
  • One month’s social media content creation or a training session so you can implement social media yourself
  • Creation of social media graphic templates
  • Management of a social media advertising campaign
  • An article that can be used to relaunch your business
  • Final review of activity and future recommendations

Like your business, we’ve had to adapt too. Like you, we want to take a positive step, push our business forward and stay ahead of our competition. This service offers many businesses a chance to do so, especially those concerned about their marketing capabilities in a time when they may not have the staff or budget to relaunch.

Full details, and how to start working together with us, can be found on our specific site: https://likemind.media/relaunch.

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