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LikeMind Media: Digital Marketing Innovator of the Year 2018

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It’s not every day you win an award, let alone get nominated for one. Unless you’re Meryl Streep, of course.

While we are in no way, shape or form anything like the uber-talented Ms Streep, we do share a common interest in that, we here at LikeMind Media, have been nominated for an award. And, drum roll… we won!

Okay, so it’s not an Oscar. We’ll put the long acceptance speech to one side.

But we’re pretty chuffed nonetheless to have been named as Digital Marketing Innovator of the Year UK, courtesy of CV Magazine’s 2018 Technology Innovator Awards.

It really is a prestigious award

Now in its fourth year, the Technology Innovator Awards “celebrate the talented individuals, teams and firms that provide some of the best, and most innovative, products and services in the industry”.

It was a tireless process to ensure that only the most deserving receive one of the prestigious awards on offer, and it was very nice of CV Magazine to say of us: “With the constant and rapid growth of the technology market, the demands on firms to be innovative in order to adapt and survive, are high.

“Our award platform will ensure that it is these technology companies, who are on the forefront of innovation to meet the needs of the consumer and stand ahead of the competition, will be brought to the forefront and recognised for their efforts.”

We’re happy, very happy, that they voted for us.

But it’s not all about us. It’s about you, our clients. So what does this award really mean to you?

It shows that we’re good at what we do, that someone, somewhere, recognises the work we do, the talent we have at our disposal, and that we’re a winning team. And who doesn’t like to be part of a winning team?

Sunglasses on, the future is bright

While punching the air in delight and deliriously shouting “Woot! Woot!” our MD Paul Ince (@BizPaul) took a big breath to pause and say just how chuffed he is for LikeMind Media, and his crack team of operatives, to be recognised for their efforts.

He said: “We have a talented team here at LikeMind Media. It’s a real privilege to work with great people, people who understand our clients and work with them as if they are part of their business.

“Blending this attitude with innovation, and staying on top of the vast number of changes that occur in digital marketing, really is a winning combination it seems.

“We have some more great things on the horizon, too. We’re doing much more with chat marketing and working with the best minds in the industry to bring knowledge to our marketing peers through our pivotal event, MarketEd.Live. Someone said the future’s bright – it feels it.”

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