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Why having a Client Services Manager by your side will help your business to thrive 


My name is Rebecca Shaw and I’m the newly-appointed Client Service Manager at LikeMind Media. I joined the company as an Account Manager, however, we quickly saw an opportunity to improve the experience for our clients who work with us by introducing my new role. Due to my love of lists, organisational skills and passion for high-quality customer service, the role was the perfect fit for me. 

In this blog post, I explain why relationships are the key to success when it comes to marketing objectives, and how working together with your internal team will get the results you want. I’ll also be looking at why having a Client Services Manager makes LikeMind Media stand out from the crowd and how it will benefit your business. 

Building a relationship with your marketing agency  

The LikeMind Media team is made up of many skills, personalities and expertise, as you would expect from a marketing agency. Before we dive into the benefits of my current role and how it affects our clients, let me quickly explain the difference between an Account Manager and a Client Services Manager.  

What is an account manager? 

Account Managers are responsible for managing the deliverables and workload between our company and our clients, ensuring all parties involved are happy and satisfied with the services they’re receiving.  

What is a Client Services Manager? 

A Client Services Manager is primarily responsible for client satisfaction and strengthening the company’s relationship with its clients, as well as ensuring all expectations are met or exceeded. 

As a Client Services Manager, I aim to provide an excellent level of customer service and ensure we deliver the desired results. I work closely with the LikeMind team and our clients to make sure you are getting the deliverables needed with the desired results. 

The closer the team works with the client, the better the results are likely to be. If the conversations are flowing and the communication avenues are open, the more likely it is that the team will get it right and the longer we work together, the better it gets. 

Through regular catch-up sessions, both face-to-face and virtual, emails and WhatsApp chats, we understand what’s going on. We will communicate many elements of your business messages through various platforms, and the range of services you offer, in your business tone. 

Regularly asking for feedback from our clients helps us ensure they are happy with the service they are receiving and where improvements can be made. We are always keen to showcase the great work we are doing through our own case studies, testimonials on social media and our website, demonstrating to a wider audience that we operate in a transparent manner. 

It’s wonderful to have Rebecca involved in our work with LikeMind Media. She understands our business and what we are trying to achieve. It is so valuable having an external agency working alongside our team, one who has our back and drives our marketing forward, even if we haven’t got time to prioritise it. LikeMind Media are a team we know will get on with the job to our high standards and deliver the results we want.

– Matt Warne, MD Camloc

Why you should outsource your marketing to a team that cares 

Marketing outsourcing means enlisting someone outside your business to help with your marketing. The best outsourcing will involve a partnership between both parties where ideas and strategies can be discussed and developed, using all available knowledge. It gives you the marketing skills you need to achieve your goals without the responsibility of hiring an internal marketer.   

  • Content creation takes time and resources – leave it to the experts 
  • You’ll get a fresh perspective – based on research and a deep dive into your business goals and story 
  • Great way to grow your business and generate leads 
  • Work with a team, all with different skills from Account Managers to Video Editors  
  • Good ROI – you get out what you put in 

One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing your marketing is all the new viewpoints from which you can see your business and its products or services. Fresh eyes offer new perspectives, which could include benefits of your business that you haven’t previously noticed.  

As well as helping you see the big picture, enlisting the help of a marketing agency brings an abundance of experience and skills. Not only can an agency bring ideas from other projects, but also keep you up to date on the latest tools and methods for promoting your business. 

How our Client Services Manager will support you 

A Client Services Manager is by your side every step of the way at LikeMind Media. We believe that marketing is essential for promoting your business and providing value to your customers, and by doing so in the right tone of voice matters. 

The start of the process begins with an in-depth strategy session. After researching your current marketing position, we work to understand what you want to achieve and what metrics matter to you. How are your current efforts being received, what content is driving traffic to your website and what is the type of content that your audience engage with? We discuss, delve and jointly decide what the next steps are and take positive action. 

  • Drive standards up 
  • Ensure ROI is returned  
  • Objectives met 
  • Audience growth can be seen 

Understanding what your initial objectives are, responding to changing business needs and reviewing the progress of both data and softer metrics is what most marketing agencies do. What helps us stand out is that we care, and you can trust us to deliver. If we need to change something, we will get on and do it, always guided by your objectives. When we’re an extension of your team, it matters more. 


At LikeMind Media, we understand that marketing takes time, money and effort. Outsourcing to an agency can make things easier. However, it can also be a complete nightmare. Choosing an agency that will get the job done and deliver results can feel like a minefield. At LikeMind Media, we prioritise our relationship with you and aim to become an extended part of your team. We believe we are stronger together and, from day one, we start to think and speak like you, putting your customers at the heart of all content we create for you. 

When you work with us, you get the added support you need for your business and projects to thrive. Whatever your objectives are, you can make them happen with LikeMind Media by your side every step of the way. How many other marketing agencies you know can you say that about? 

Get in touch with us today to start your journey with the LikeMind Media team. 

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