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Camloc Motion Control Ltd design and manufacture a range of engineered gas springs, struts and damper solutions for their customers around the world. One of the most important aspects of what makes Camloc so special is how they work closely with their customers. At every stage they are by their customers’ side, from initial design through to product testing, manufacturing and distribution. The products that Camloc produce deliver precise movement control solutions to suit individual requirements, whatever the environment. 

LikeMind Media began working with Camloc at the beginning of 2021 with the objective of raising their profile across all marketing platforms, driving more traffic to their website and to tell their story about their commitment to customer satisfaction and bespoke product offerings. 


At the heart of Camloc lies manufacturing at its finest. In their 36,000 sq ft, specialised facility that is ideally placed in the centre of the UK, the Leicester-based team are proud to design, make and refine their products to their customers' requirements. The engineering team work side by side with the manufacturing team to ensure that each gas spring is made to measure and delivered on time to the highest quality. 

There is a family feel at Camloc, with many of their employees having worked there for more than 20 years. With that comes a sense that the team take care of each other. This flows into the relationships they have with their customers. The LikeMind Media team were made to feel part of the Camloc team from the very start, and the warm welcome Camloc provided laid the groundwork for a collaboration that has gone from strength to strength. 

Working with the LikeMind team has been fantastic. They understood our objectives straight away and quickly got a plan in place. They have become an extension to the Camloc team.


Camloc were keen to share their experience and approach on a larger scale to a wider audience. They knew what they were making and the service they were giving to their customers was something special. This is where Like Mind Media came in, a content creation company whose values were aligned to their own. 

The key commercial objectives were to: 

  • Increase the percentage of high-complexity customers 
  • Increase the export market (OEMs) 
  • Increase turnover 
  • Focus on profitability  
  • Grow sustainably 

This meant Camloc wanted to attract a wider audience to their website, and effectively demonstrate the products and services they provide. One of their objectives was to make their website appeal to customers all over the world, and to develop the help section so it became a crucial source of information for engineers, whatever their query. Camloc wanted to create content their audience would engage with on social media and, through longer-form written content, demonstrate the excellent work they were doing. 

From the beginning, Camloc’s managing director, Matt Warne, was enthusiastic about creating video content. The aim was to create entertaining and informative video content that could be easily digested by their audience. The experience and knowledge that Camloc can show through video content also helps their distributors to sell more products. 


The LikeMind Media team listened closely to what Camloc wanted to achieve. We then devised a strategy that included a range of different mediums that would meet Camloc’s specific objectives. 

Firstly, the LikeMind team completed a full audit of Camloc’s website. The team at LikeMind needed to understand what aspects were working and where improvements could be made. LikeMind also reviewed the site from an international perspective. Matt was keen to increase website traffic from around the world and effectively compete against engineering companies specialising in gas springs globally. We completed an SEO analysis that would provide us with a competitive edge. 

We then began to create content for the website that was written to enhance the customer experience, providing accurate information at the points they needed it. The website has continued to develop, and an updated version of the site was scheduled to be available by the end of 2021. There will then be a further 11 versions of the site, all translated into native languages for businesses around the world to access.  

The work the LikeMind Media team completed on the website provided a unique insight into the specialised products that Camloc produce, and we were astonished to discover how many different environments in which gas springs are commonly used. The blog section on the website offers a mix of company and industry news, as well as information about products. We began to create content for Camloc’s social media platforms that would encourage the audience to access the website for further information.  

The next level of content creation came in the form of video. It is an effective medium to demonstrate the products and questions that people have about gas springs. LikeMind Media reenergised their YouTube channel and began posting regular content on their website and social media platforms. This included a product series that addressed many of the questions people have about each specific products and helped educate the audience about the differences between them. An FAQ playlist was successfully set up, which aimed to answer specific questions such as how to mount gas springs, how to maintain them and how to adapt them.  

There are a wide range of people searching for answers to these typical questions. Being a valuable resource to engineers incorporating gas springs was especially important to the Camloc team. Any follow-up questions could be sent to the expert engineering team, who love a challenge and are always happy to help with gas spring queries. 

Alongside the important educational content we created for Camloc, we wanted to switch it up a bit and make the content more engaging and entertaining. Matt was invited to attend our marketing event, MarketEd.Live, which he was happy to accept. At the event, we heard from many marketers and creatives from all over the world about strategies and how to be braver, daring, creative and even weird. 

The video content since then has been levelled up, taking on the lessons of the event and incorporating them into Camloc’s YouTube channel and website.There have been catapults built that showcase the versatility of Camloc’s products in an entertaining way, all in the name of content creation, and building brand awareness to increase engagement on Camloc’s social media platforms.  

Charlie Thacker, one of our amazing content creators at LikeMind Media, said: 

“It's great to work with a company who have confidence in my abilities, but who will also challenge my choices and hear out my reasoning before we make a collective decision on the project. They are willing to show their personality, too, which is a creative freedom that does not come along all that often, and it is a lot of fun. They are a friendly team to work with and I felt very welcome. It's almost a given that you'll receive a tea or coffee on arrival but, on just my third visit to the factory, I was presented with an Indian buffet fit for a king/queen (shout out to Kay), and that's just the kind of people they are at Camloc.” 


Matt Warne, managing director at Camloc Motion Control, has been thrilled with the work we have been able to produce so far.  

Matt said: 

“Working with the LikeMind team has been fantastic. They understood our objectives straight away and quickly got a plan in place. They have become an extension to the Camloc team. Rebecca (Shaw, account manager) is very organised and ensures all deliverables are high quality and completed on time. Charlie has transformed our video offering and social media presence with his creativity. Lizzie (Robinson, content creator), together with the rest of the LikeMind team, have demonstrated the strength of their writing skills through website copy, SEO and blogs. I am very pleased with what we have achieved so far.”  



LikeMind Media can provide a virtual marketing team for your business. Led up by an effective account manager, our team work with you to understand your objectives and ensure results are met through the right mix of marketing mediums. 


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