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The best video marketing tools in 2022

Marketing is a fast-paced, ever-changing industry that never sleeps. If you’re not willing to adapt, evolve and be agile, you’ll get left behind. But you knew that already. That’s why, in this blog, I’m going to run you through some of my favourite tools to create incredible videos, no matter what your budget is.  

The pandemic has seen a huge focus on video content become even greater. Research found that “since 2019 the average users have spent 100 minutes of content per day”. Video has become one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal with “84% of consumers used to be convinced to purchase after watching a video.”

Big statistics. So, we can all agree that video content is where it’s at right now. TikTok has seen an incredible rise in the last few years, becoming a major player in social media, showing that your video quality doesn’t have to be film grade to be successful. Imperfect video captured authentically can add value to your video and trust with your brand.  

No matter what your budget, there are options out there for you to create the best video you can. So, without further ado, here are our favourite tools available right now.  

The video marketing tools you need to try


Animoto is an online video editor that claims ‘no experience necessary’ because it’s that simple.  

The free online video editor allows you to quickly and easily edit your videos. You can add stock images and videos from millions in their library courtesy of Getty Images. Uploading your own content has never been so easy and they have an extensive library of licensed music to really finish off your video. Finally, as if all of that wasn’t enough… you can create your work from anywhere. Simply login on your Mac or PC, and all your videos will be waiting for you in the cloud.  

Prices range from £0 to £29 per month.  

Wondershare Filmora 

Filmora allows you to discover the art of storytelling, which is a critical part of the social media sphere. Creation without limits is their motto, and Wondershare Filmora are doing just that.  

Slightly different to Animoto, Filmora is a download file that is installed on your computer. Once installed, you’ll notice it looks similar to other editing software, such as Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. It’s very much along the lines of those programs, but simplified in its controls.  

You can add everything in the app from within the app. Text, audio, elements, transitions, effects and, of course, you can upload your own media. Another handy feature is that you can upload your videos directly to YouTube from Filmora. 

This tool is free to try but it is paid for after that. You’ll be able to choose between Wondershare Filmora, this is the more basic editor, which is £37.76 per year or £58.10 for life. Alternatively, you could go for Wondershare Filmora Pro at £65.36 per year and £108.94 lifetime.  

(These prices were changed from US dollars to GBP) 


Now, this a really cool one. Vyond is an online animation software that allows you to easily create animated videos. From custom animated character stories to animated graphics, whatever animation is needed, Vyond has you covered. 

They are no novices, either. If you visit their testimonials page, you’ll see countless stories of how great it is, including one from KFC US and Amazon. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us.  

Prices range from £35.59 to £115.48 per month.  

(These prices were changed from US dollars to GBP) 


Powtoon is a video and presentation creation tool that allows you to create professional assets that will wow your clients and your audience.  

Create videos and presentations using images, video, animations, characters and music. Manage your projects with a shared cloud library with your team and effortlessly share your videos to social straight from the platform or download them. You choose.  

A feature that deserves a mention is its capability to integrate with a whole host of other solutions, including Canva, HubSpot, PowerPoint and, most importantly, Adobe Photoshop. So, if you’ve created some crazy good graphics on Photoshop, simply use the Powtoon integration to turn it into a video in seconds.  

There is a free trial available with Powtoon but subscription prices range from £13.80 to £71.90 per month.  

(These prices were changed from US dollars to GBP) 


This one is less video editor and more of a video editor’s dream. It’s the one-stop design shop. That’s right, RenderForest allows you to create logos, videos, mock-ups, graphics and even your own website.  

The logo is created using AI, you simply add your business name and tagline, describe what your logo should look like, pick a style and the editor will give you some options that you can customise.  

The video editor on RenderForest is as good as all those previously mentioned. You can choose from a wide range of templates, video aspects, styles and much more. Plus, it’s quick, simple and easy to use. 

It’s super-simple to choose a mock-up and edit it so you can wow your clients and nail that pitch. The web builder is simplified and easy to use, and the same goes for the online graphic design tool.  

Prices range from Free to £49.99 per month (paid monthly) and from free to £39.99 (paid annually) 


Videoboard is the perfect place to create quick, simple whiteboard videos – and fast. 

With a few clicks you can add animated images, text, music and… a voiceover. This is a great feature, as voiceovers add so much to your video that not many online tools offer. Videoscribe allows you to start your video from scratch, or it will get you started with a customisable template. Very helpful if you aren’t the most experience video maker.  

Impressively, their previous clients include the NHS, UNICEF, Bosch and the BBC. Again, huge companies in the UK that are using these tools accessible to the everyday marketer.  

There is a free trial available but, otherwise, prices range from £28 to £110 per month, you can pay annually to save a little or a flat fee of £645 to save even more.  


Wideo claim: “No video or editing skills needed. Wideo makes content creation stress-free and easy” – and they do. Their process is three quick and easy steps.  

1) Choose your template 

2) Edit your details, drag and drop your clips or stock footage from the library 

3) Share to social 

It may take you longer to create the video than to read those three steps, but that’s still pretty darn fast. Prices range from free to £57.38 monthly and free to £688.53 annually.  

(These prices were changed from US dollars to GBP) 


Jitter is a video tool we have recently just discovered ourselves. Jitter allows you to create super-trendy animation videos from their templates. You can create animated tweets that you want to show, a fake iMessage conversation or gripping animated stories.  

Although currently pretty small, the library of templates is always growing and you get the same access on the free plan as you do the paid plan.  

It’s a fantastic little tool to keep in your video arsenal. 

Prices range from free to £78.44 per year.  

(These prices were changed from US dollars to GBP) 


Are you sick of opening up your editor to resize your videos? Kamua is the online video resizing tool that is an absolute lifesaving tool for video editor.  

The tool is fully browser-based and will do your work 50-90% faster than you do with AI automation tracking faces when resizing from 1920×1080 to 1080×1920. You need absolutely no experience, they offer captions and subtitles in more than 60 languages, and it’s all based in the cloud so you can work from anywhere.  

If this was free, it would be illegal. That’s how awesome this is.  

You can try it for free using a free trial. Other than that, prices range from free to £72.63 per month. 

(These prices were changed from US dollars to GBP) 

Yes, there is a free version, but all your videos will be watermarked and that’s not acceptable.  

Video marketing is one of the most successful ways to promote your brand. Making the most of these simple and easy to use tools will have a huge benefit to your business and help you reach the next level.  

These are some of our favourite tools to create gripping, compelling and engaging content. Let us know what you think. Plus, if you think of some other tools you find useful, why not let us know in the comments. 

Alternatively, you could have a wonderful team, with multiple areas of expertise do all of the work for you, whilst you focus on growing your business?  

You can get in touch with us by emailing: hey@likemind.media or calling 01509 323363, look forward to hearing from you. 

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