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Why amplifying your company LinkedIn page with the support of your team will boost your business

As LinkedIn turns 18 years old this year, with more than 774 million users worldwide, it has firmly established itself as the world’s leading professional network. Primarily a place where connections can continue to flourish after networking events, both on and offline, the platform has become an invaluable resource to many of us by keeping customers updated and sharing valuable knowledge, as well as identifying new leads and potential opportunities.   

LinkedIn is essentially a platform where people connect with other professionals, and your news feed is formulated by what your connections like and share. So, why are company LinkedIn pages important?    

The power of your company LinkedIn page  

company LinkedIn page could be viewed as the ‘mothership of company insights’, where consistent branding and accurate descriptions can be found. A place where the standards of content are set, and employees can emulate the company’s tone of voice.   

When new employees update their profile by adding the company to their employment history, they are automatically connected to the company page and become part of the company’s community. From this point onwards, staff should be encouraged to engage with the page and view it as a useful insight into all company updates and activities. Getting your team to support your brand on LinkedIn can boost the performance of your page significantly.  

Your company relies on your employees to help share your news  

Creating content that your team considers to be valuable to their network of connections is key. Nobody knows the secret ingredient to any social media platform algorithm; therefore, you cannot be reliant upon simply posting content and leaving it there.   

Posts that start conversations, with a longer text format and which stop users scrolling, increases dwell time, which is now an important factor and increases the chances of it being seen by more people. Scheduling content consistently, at least once or twice a week, is better than posting every day one week and nothing the next. And don’t forget to use hashtags so that your message can reach more people. Admins of a LinkedIn page can invite 100 of their connections a month (for free!) to follow the company page and help grow the audience.   

Other things to try on LinkedIn:  

Sharing content that has been created by your team through the company page is also good practice and can provide insights into industry knowledge, as well as what’s happening within the company. Content about what’s happening outside of work, such as a team away day, an employee’s milestone, or celebrations in the office, often goes down well and adds personality to your feed.  

LinkedIn is a great place to give kudos to your staff. Encouraging your team members to provide recommendations to one another across the company boosts morale and personal profiles, while giving credit where it is due.   

The management of your company’s LinkedIn page is essential. Responding to activities such as comments, shared posts and messages are all part of the company’s reputation. Checks should be made daily to ensure time-sensitive opportunities are not missed, that your company is considered to be responsive, and so any negativity can be de-escalated.  

Promote your company on the world’s biggest business social media platform  

With all this in mind, an individual’s LinkedIn profile is not company property, and I am not suggesting that staff should feel obligated to support company promotion. Creating a culture where staff want to be active on the platform for their professional profile and support company activity is the objective.  

But demonstrating to your team what they can do to reinforce the company’s core messages and outline the benefits of their actions, could significantly impact the external company promotion on the UK’s biggest business social media platform.  

The team at LikeMind Media provides LinkedIn training for non-marketing professionals. Get your team to support all company marketing messages. Call us for support with your social media strategy.   

Take your team’s LinkedIn game from WTF to GOAT

LinkedIn shouldn’t be difficult and it shouldn’t be boring. Let’s look at the (made up) Odyssey Lighting team and how LinkedIn can work for them. We can guarantee you’ll see the similarities with your business.

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