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Generate leads through content marketing

We help you have conversations with your customers by creating content, driving traffic and helping them along their purchasing journey.

Digital marketing agency in Loughborough

Services we offer

What you need depends on what you’re trying to achieve. These are some of the different ways we can help you meet your digital marketing objectives.

Group Coaching Programme

Are you ready to take your marketing results to the next level and drive your business forward, all while getting support from people just like you?
Our exciting group coaching programme, Together, is perfect if you are conducting your own marketing but need a bit of help and support. Combining education and action-set learning, Together will give you the knowledge and confidence to master your marketing.

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Social Media

Social media is now a key method of communicating with others. Even for businesses you wouldn’t expect to have a native presence on social media, the platforms offer a choice of methods and ways of reaching your client base. We help you use social media to drive conversations towards new business.

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The art of writing can convince others to take your products and services, to help your customers understand your passion for what you do. Our experienced writers craft content that demonstrates your expertise and drives the reader to the action you'd like them to take.

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Video is one of the fastest ways that you can get your message across to your audience. It’s easy to consume and easy for you to create. We help you create content yourself or have a team to create video for you so that you show your expertise and build trust with your audience.

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Social Advertising

With changes in algorithms affecting all major social media platforms, the only way to guarantee eyes on your brand is to pay to be in the relevant advertising slots. Fortunately, it’s the most targeted and cost-effective form of advertising there is. We can teach you how to run campaigns or run them for you to generate better return on ad spend.

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Email Marketing

40% of marketers feel that email is the marketing channel that most contributes to sales - so email marketing is a pretty big deal. We can take care of all aspects of email marketing for you - from strategy to creation to reporting. Each plan is built around our client's needs and focuses on achieving their specific goals.

Email marketing

Who we are

Not just a marketing agency

We’re a tight-knit team of marketers who share a love of working out how a customer travels on the journey to buy and crafting a message that helps them along the way. Each of us specialises in different disciplines but work together to build strategies that work.

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Paul Ince

Paul Ince

LikeMind Media CEO

Paul Ince

Paul Ince

LikeMind Media CEO

Who we work with

Your niche is our niche

Tech Companies

Technology changes at a rapid pace, presenting opportunities for you, if you’re in the technology sector. Our founder’s background is in the heart of the tech space, working with global companies such as Microsoft and Sage. We understand this market and its challenges. We can help your business help your customers.


The manufacturing industry is ever-evolving, becoming more innovative every day. We pride ourselves on turning your complex processes and products into easy-to-understand content that helps you connect with the wider industry. Through our partnership, we can combine our marketing expertise with your manufacturing knowledge to drive engagement with customers, suppliers, distributors and more.

Service Industries

The service that you deliver is the reason for your success. But how do you articulate the benefit of working with your business? How can you show that you add real value to your clients? As a service business our self, we share the same challenges but, by delivering better content strategies, we can help you win the clients you want.

Event Marketing

Events are all about the experience. We can develop a strategy to get people in seats (virtually or otherwise) by replicating the event experience throughout our marketing.

We even practice what we preach with our own event, MarketEd.Live.

How we do things

The LikeMind Media Method

Step 1 of 5


We always start working with clients by conducting some research into your business and your particular sector. If we are to represent you, it’s important to us that we understand how your business operates, who’s in the team and how everyone works together including gaining an understanding of the company culture. But we also need to know what your audience is looking for and what it needs to know about you.

Step 2 of 5


We'll create content based on the results of our primary research into your target audience and a gap analysis of what they're asking for, and what they're searching. That way, we know you're going to be the answer to their questions.

Step 3 of 5


Using a whole suite of tools and technology, with a little of our expert knowhow, we'll promote the content that we've created so that your target audience takes action. We'll help them visit your website, join your mailing list, or pick up the phone to you.

Step 4 of 5


Not everyone purchases straight away. We'll use technology to identify website visitors and then nurture them to return until they're ready to buy from you. We'll help you build your loyal following so that they trust you to provide goods and services that will satisfy them.

Step 5 of 5


You'll want to know how it's all going. We operate on a principle of full transparency. We'll share all our thinking with you, give you access to portals so that you can see what's happening and when. Throughout our relationship, you'll know what's working and what needs tweaking. This is a partnership.

Building the future of marketing

MarketEd.Live hosts

MarketEd.Live is a conference we created because what we wanted didn't exist. If you work in marketing or are a business owner that conducts your own, MarketEd.Live events will bring to you the latest knowledge, advice and strategies from world-class industry experts and big brands, as well as in-depth discussions, top-quality networking and long-lasting friendships.

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What People Think Of Us

Client testimonials

Paul and the team from LikeMind Media were fantastic! They were so friendly and easy for the delegates to talk to in front of the camera. A great promotional tool which enabled us to capture footage of the event and reach beyond the event attendees via social media channels.

Linsey Hardy. East Midlands Chamber

We love working with JP and the team on a consultative basis. I enjoy writing myself and LikeMind Media are there whenever I need them to act as editor, teacher and general adviser to help me make the most of my passion.

Maria Iliffe-Wood. From Quiet, Greater Yet

We were filming our YouTube series on our phones and this worked well. When we worked with the team at LikeMind Media the quality went up a notch. They totally get what we’re trying to do and are great to work with.

Paul Chapman. The Strategy Sessions

The team at LikeMind Media totally get our business, our vibe and what we’re about. They come up with ideas that translate into ads that perform well and increase sales to our business. One ad we had running for the Tour de France is still generating sales months after the campaign started.

Steve Barradell. Graffio Arts

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We're here to help you learn. Visit our Learning Lounge.

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We focus on the content side

We’ll be upfront: we think we’re good at creating content strategies and implementing them. We know the skills we have as a team, but also the ones we don’t. Where we can’t provide a particular service that the strategy needs, we’ll put you in touch with our recommended partners.

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