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Match your content to your customer's journey

We help map your customer’s journey so you can create content strategies that will help them purchase from you. Our unique JourneyWeb® system keeps your customer on track in a world full of distractions.

Is this you?

If you can relate to any of these statements, we need to talk:


You’ve created some amazing content as part of your marketing but it’s not getting the views and clicks it deserves?


You have a brilliant product or service offering that deserves to be seen by more people.


It feels like you’re talking to a crowded room and no one seems to be listening or paying attention.


You’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of content that exists in your market, with competitors all saying similar things.


You feel under pressure to promote your business on many marketing channels: website, email, social media, video but you’re not quite sure where to focus your efforts.


You have a marketing team who just needs a bit of guidance and support to get the strategy and content right to meet your marketing goals.

With our JourneyWeb® process, you’ll be able to craft a marketing strategy that delivers high quality, informative, entertaining and persuasive content they’ll enjoy and shepherd them along their way to the sale.

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What is a Journeyweb®?

A JourneyWeb® is a system of understanding your organisation, how you operate and generate revenue, your target audience and how they act, and the competitive landscape you work in.

It is a methodology, designed by us, to research how your customers make their way to buy from you (or however they interact with you) and provide you with content strategies that meet them on their journey at every stage.


Isn’t this just a funnel?

No. We believe sales funnels are limited and don’t fit the way modern customers buy.

Who likes to be forced down a specific route? The amount of information available to a customer online is almost limitless. Customers travel in any direction they choose, at any time, based on their thought process at the time.

Some customers have a very short journey. They understand what they want and where to get it. Others are more protracted, comparing your offer with your competitors, needing reassurance they’re making the right decision, maybe needing budget approval.

No funnels for us, thanks. Let's talk

What you may think is the journey versus the real journey


Forcing people where they don’t want to go is counter-productive. Instead, give them the information they need to take them to their next step.

There’s still the need to be compelling and persuasive. This isn’t about prolonging the process; it’s about respecting your customer’s autonomy.

If you’re an organisation that works in partnership with your customers, we can help you demonstrate this.

Does your marketing match your customer's journey?

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Outcomes you should expect with Journeyweb®

  • Greater understanding of your target market’s demographics and behaviours
  • Clear marketing plan that you know will work towards your objectives, and that is realistic for you to implement
  • Tailored messaging at every point in the customer journey so that your customer can move forward
  • Reduction in prospects falling away from you, and into the arms of your competitors
  • Better performance of the marketing that you create for your organisation
  • Increase in the number of leads being generated by your marketing
  • Improved customer sentiment towards your brand
  • Increase in sales conversions thanks to the type of content being produced
  • Increase in staff skills from the support provided by us

We are different to a marketing agency

Marketing agencies typically help you plan your marketing activities and perform day to day actions at your request.

Sometimes they take the lead, other times they follow your instructions. They’ll post the social media, write the blogs, send the email. Tick, tick, tick. Job done and repeat next month on retainer. It’s very samey. And, honestly, once upon a time, we were in that model.

But we’ve witnessed the explosion of content that customers are bombarded by. It’s hard for them to sift through, so they end up consuming a wave of average information that doesn’t help them.

Add to this the increased use of algorithms to determine what that customer sees and you can see how it’s easy to lose control of the process.

We wanted to find a way to cut through that noise, to deliver something that would have more of an impact on a customer’s decision. Through our own experience and a period of significant research and development, JourneyWeb® was born and became our main way of operating.

rowing boat

Working as a partner, not a supplier

Fundamental to our approach is the belief that we are working in partnership with you. We are equal to one another and work with your interests at the centre of everything we do.

Your objectives are our objectives – together we pull in the same direction. We will work hard to deliver results to meet your goals because that meets our goals – to offer expertise and excellence.

We’ll say when something isn’t right and challenge you to do things differently. We expect you to challenge us in return. Those difficult conversations? Let’s have them.

Caring about your business is important to us – that’s why we want to know as much about yours as possible so we can treat it like our own, like we belong.

We’re called LikeMind Media because we want to think like you.

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Benefits of working with us

You know your business and your customers better than anyone. We will help enhance your strategy.



Understand what your customer is thinking and the questions they are really asking.



Ensure you have a content marketing plan that contributes to more leads and sales, or whatever your goals are.



Position your organisation as experts in your industry through smart content that demonstrates your knowledge.



Help you create exciting content that your customers want to consume.



Open your world up to the new types of content that audiences prefer, such as short-form video.



Learn from consultants with years of content creation and marketing experience.



Generate a multiple return on your investment

Where to start

We have different starting points depending on where you feel you currently are. Select the most appropriate option for you.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Client testimonials

Paul and the team from LikeMind Media were fantastic! They were so friendly and easy for the delegates to talk to in front of the camera. A great promotional tool which enabled us to capture footage of the event and reach beyond the event attendees via social media channels.

Linsey Hardy. East Midlands Chamber

We love working with JP and the team on a consultative basis. I enjoy writing myself and LikeMind Media are there whenever I need them to act as editor, teacher and general adviser to help me make the most of my passion.

Maria Iliffe-Wood. From Quiet, Greater Yet

We were filming our YouTube series on our phones and this worked well. When we worked with the team at LikeMind Media the quality went up a notch. They totally get what we’re trying to do and are great to work with.

Paul Chapman. The Strategy Sessions

The team at LikeMind Media totally get our business, our vibe and what we’re about. They come up with ideas that translate into ads that perform well and increase sales to our business. One ad we had running for the Tour de France is still generating sales months after the campaign started.

Steve Barradell. Graffio Arts

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