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How to use Boomerang

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What is Boomerang? I hear you ask. Boomerang is an app owned by Instagram that allows users to create 1 second video-loops to produce GIF-like images which can be posted online since the app doesn’t have its own feed. Although it is Instagram based and can be used within the Instagram app, you do not need an Instagram account to use Boomerang.

Boomerang builds upon the idea stimulated by Twitter’s Vine, which allowed users to create 6 second video clips on loop. However, amongst other things the creation and rise of Boomerang has led to the closure of the Vine app. Boomerang does not, however, have an audio feature.

The app can be downloaded by iOS and Android users and allows users to be creative and experimental. It has been embraced by a myriad of users for both personal and commercial use. Many brands have used the app to promote products, to demonstrate a flair of the brand’s personality, to show sneak previews and for behind the scenes purposes.


You can create a Boomerang from within the Boomerang app or directly within the Instagram app in Instagram stories mode.

Boomerang Hack

Before capturing the video, tap the screen four times with four fingers to reveal a secret menu providing settings options to alter the resolution; boomerang mode i.e. forward and backwards; forward only; backward only; frame count; long capture frame count; capture frame rate; playback frame rate and default camera positions.

How to use it

To capture a Boomerang, you need to consider what you plan to video and how you are going to incorporate motion into it. To start the video, tap the circle in the centre bottom of the screen. You can alter the length of video you take by tapping and holding the circle and letting go of the circle when you want it to end. You can also choose between a ‘selfie boom’ and a ‘boomerang’, which essentially is front camera mode or rear camera mode. This is done by tapping the  button or swiping the screen sidewards

You can then apply filters, trim the clip and choose a still frame just like you can for regular Instagram videos. When using Boomerang within Instagram stories mode, you can also add features such as stickers, text and use a draw tool.

Your finished Boomerang clip can be shared across a range of networks, not just Instagram, as it can be saved to your camera roll when finalised.
Tap  or  to share your Boomerang video to Instagram or Facebook, or tap  for more options. To save into your camera roll, tap save in the top right to save to your phone’s camera roll.

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